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    Hi all,

    I'm in the market to buy my wife a bike so we can do rides round the local parks and tow-paths with the kids on-board (kids are about 1 and 3).

    She fancies a Pashley (the Princess Sovereign), but I'm far from convinced – partly because of the 'novelty' nostalgia thing, but mostly by the weight of the things. I'm also told they can be difficult to fit those plastic kiddie seats to as Pashleys often have pre-fitted racks (presumably made of 2'x3' mild steel or something similar!)

    Anyone got any experience of them? Any recommendations, or otherwise?


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    My wife loves hers, it was a birthday present last year. She had no real interest about having a bike but I took her to a bike shop to look at a sensible light hybrid. The shop had a Princess in the window and that was that, she wasn't interested in looking at anything else.

    The bike is heavy, but it's fine to "trundle" on. The rack fitted to the bike does have seat mounting points on it.

    If you are quick she's sat next to me,

    Look how happy she is!!

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    My wife has one. She loves it and it suits her styling, which means it does occasionally get used.

    If she has to carry it up or down stairs then the weight is a deal-breaker unless your wife is well 'ard. Otherwise it's fine. It isn't a racing bike. No experience on child seats.


    The Cycle Studio in Stratford sell them so might be worth giving them a call. If you're close then they usually have a few in stock for you to peruse and test the weight of 😉


    The model to go for is the Sovereign, the cheaper classic has too high a gear range dispite a 20T rear cog. I've tried fitting a 22T but fouls the full chainguard.

    Weight wise you are looking at approx 48lbs, although you really only notice that uphill, once going they motor along nicely, if speed isn't the issue then it really won't matter.

    The rear carrier is made by Pletscher, you can fit a child carrier in seconds to it without tools, Pashley can supply these for you. As well baskets, bags tec.

    If you need anymore info just mail me as I'm a main dealer for Pashley.

    Personally (as you asked) I'd steer well clear, as they're just sooo heavy! They're very pretty (if you like that kind of thing), but I imagine the hills must be a killer at that weight.

    Mind due, I'm not a typical girl (I get excited about steel singlespeeds and lock on grips, etc!), so I'm not sure how much my opinion is worth. I guess if it gets her cycling…


    Have a look at the Summer range of bikes, in particular the Summer Picnic. Classic style, moderm materials – and only £330, which leaves enough to add some accessories. They ride really nicely, weigh at a guess around 30 pounds. I've sold lots of them and every customer's been well happy. Come in 15/17 or 19 inch and BRG or black.


    check out the Specialized Live:


    Ive got a Pashley Tube Rider and love it. Its an absolute joy to trundle along on but it is very flat where I live, hills are a bit of a bugger as it weighs about 46lb or so and first gear is quite heavy. I use it to potter about with my son on, very cool.

    Get her to agree to try riding at least X number of bikes before deciding which one she wants. She will then be more aware of weight, postion etc. Then its down to her. Oh and remember the weight of the kids needs to be added on.

    If she gets into cycling, she might want another bike later on anyway…

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    the pashley gentlemans model is a fantastic piece of stuff.
    i have thought long and hard about getting one of those many many times.

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    I find myself strangely drawn to the Pashley Guv'nor 😳

    Premier Icon nickb

    Thanks for all the replies – I have to admit, I quite like the look of the Guv'nor myself!
    Will sort out demo rides as soon as possible and let her make the choice…

    Ziggy – whereabouts are you based?

    qwerty – I like the look of those Globe Live's, but the UK version is singlespeed only – not ideal for the mrs I fear!


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    As my friend says, we have a Princess Sovereign for sale. My wife also really likes it and has used it with the trailerbike with the children. We bought it for that purpose but the school run has changed and it is now not getting the use it should, we were also using it for trundles out but we have tended to go mountain biking more was well.

    As for weight my wife is 5'1" and 50kg wet through. Her other bikes are a Soda at under 22lb and a Look racer, she has no problem with the Pashley even on the hills with the trailer bike, it just rides and rolls really nicely, I do agree though if you have to lift it up onto car roofs or carry it anywhere, not good for that!

    We're looking for about £450 . its the 17" model in Buckingham green. It was very hard to get hold of I know that the back order was 3 months.

    email in profile if you're interested but I'll be putting it on ebay if no interest on here.


    I looked at Pashleys before building a wife bike from an old GT Talera:

    The pashley That I though was nicest / best value was one of these:
    Pashley provence – five speed hub gear with hub brakes

    nice bike if a bit heavy – but a good stable ride and comes with great tyres etc


    pashley are overpriced imho.
    plenty of other well made "classic" style ladies bikes out there.

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    I seem to have came over all retro

    I think they are one of those bikes you either get or don't, not cheap but it doesn't half make me smile when I'm on it, and it's one of the nicest looking bikes I've ever seen.


    What about a dutch bike,like the Batavus Cambridge below

    Alloy frame, 5-Spd gears and about 18kg

    Or this one

    Steel frame so a bit heavier but comes in a range of colours.

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