Parking ticket from lidl whilst working for them.

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  • Parking ticket from lidl whilst working for them.
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    The car park may be run by the managing agents of the shop eg lidl and nothing to do with Lidl.

    Wickes in birkenhead have big signs saying parking is to do with the landlord not them, same for another centre in chester.

    Dont do anything more for lidl then, unless they pay.


    Granted different companies involved, but same happened to one of our engineers working at a B&Q store. When he got notified of the ticket he called the store, spoke to the manager and they sorted it all out and ticket was cancelled with minimal fuss?

    I got a ticket after shooting a wedding at a Radison Blu (outside company managed their car park). As above, quick call to the front desk and it was sorted straight away. Worth calling the store.


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    ignore it but that has now changed

    No it hasn’t. Ignore it.


    Spiffing, I will combine all those answers and ignore the parking company and speak to the store manager next week.


    I was doing some work for Lidl at one of their supermarkets in the car park last week. My work involved lugging many bits of kit around for 6 hours or so and they didn’t have one of those machines in the manager’s office to put my number plate in.

    The ticket has arrived today and I was wondering if anyone had dealt with this situation before? Google and pepipoo don’t come up with anything with the search terms I am using.

    I know the advice in the past has been to ignore it but that has now changed. I also know that previously writing to them (which seems the obvious thing to do) results in a hounding and demands to pay, hence asking on here not just getting in touch with them.

    Thanks in advance.

    I couple of years back I worked on a new Lidl store, I went back to do some snagging in the flats we built above the store soon after the store opened, and a week or two later I got a notice of a parking “fine” for exceeding the permitted time.

    I actually parked in the visitor’s space in the resident’s parking area – I wasn’t parked anywhere near the customer’s parking area, but presumably their cameras clocked me entering and leaving without noticing where I had parked.

    I ignored the notice, I simply couldn’t be bothered to explain that I had a legitimate right to be there and wasn’t even parked in the store parking area. They sent a few more notices until they eventually gave up.

    Email me I’ll sort it out

    Or if your going back to the store just give the ticket to the store manager with your name and it will get cancelled, it’s an error. If your doing contracts work let the car park attendant know as his machine just records every plate entering the car park. If you get a ticket just give it to the Sm when you fill out your Lmf.

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    Is it a lease car??
    Is it a ticket from parking eye??

    Don’t ignore if it’s either of these.
    As has been said the store manager can get it cancelled, push them to do it.
    If it’s a lease car any letters will go to them, lease companies have a habit of paying up then billing you
    Parking eye have a reputation for trying it on at court. Make sure the store manager copies you in on the correspondence.

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    Scotland or rest of UK? Different laws apply, people often give advice that works in one but not the other without realising (I’m no expert, I’ll give you no advice other than that one)


    Pitchpro, are you a lidl staff member or parking expert? Happy to send you some info as I won’t be back at that store and it’s 80 miles away.

    This is in England and is not parking eye, but it was not one of the europarks with an actual human warden. The car is mine, not leased.

    Lidl manager was it one of our guys who gave you the ticket?


    No, it has come in the post from the company with the cameras at the entrance to the car park.

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    Aren’t these type of things actually invoices for overstaying? Therefore talk/write to Lidl asking them to pay it…. essentially passing on expenses incurred while doing work for them and in which case I think they’ll ask the parking company to revoke it


    I got a ticket after shooting a wedding at a Radison Blu

    You were lucky, The Ship Hotel in Brighton had our van towed away while we were working for them. Despite the fact that they knew it was our van and the we were regularly in there at the time.

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