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  • Don’t reply at all. Is it a parking “invoice”? Issued by a private firm? Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

    Premier Icon crispo

    Yeah it says parking charge notice.

    I would just ignore it, but seen as we still physically have the ticket i thought it might just be worth pointing out we have paid and we have proof, it was just a small error.


    Ignore it – replying just encourages them. Even when they say ‘litigation imminent’, there’s nothing they can do to you, especially as you have a ticket.

    Before October this year (I think) private parking enforcement relies upon proving the vehicle keeper was driving the car at the time. So do as dd says – ignore. After October I think there are new reg’s which place responsibility on the keeper irrespective of whether they were in the car at the time.

    However, be prepared for lots of heavy duty letters that will appear very convincing…

    Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer or parking expert 😀



    No other advice or action is needed.


    Aye the letters get very intimidating [lots of implied threats and legaleses] and then they just stop EVENTUALLY


    They issued proceedings to take my wife to the small claims court

    She gave in a couple of weeks before it was due to be heard and settled for about half the claim

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    If yours is for a private car park as others have said ignore it.

    However if you want to do something about a parking ticket have a laugh at the one i go on Monday

    Premier Icon MartynS

    There are no Appeals. Do not contact them. You will get a chain of letters which will look frightening but have no teeth at all.
    Have a look on pepipoo to see what letters you might expect.
    Don’t throw out any letters though, and keep the ticket handy for the moment.

    Premier Icon crispo

    Right, I know there have been loads about this before but just thought I would post this one up here to get the thoughts before putting in the appeal.

    We have got through a charge for £90 for parking in a private car park.

    Mrs Crispo was driving at the time and swore she got a ticket from the machine. Anyway she was right, she had a ticket valid at the times stated in the letter. However….

    I have just looked at the ticket as it appears she has typed in 2 digits from the number plate wrong. She doesnt normally drive that car and it was tipping it down in the time and she entered: YF0* AJ* – the stars show the mistyped number and letter.

    If a reply with a photo of the ticket proving she had got one during the time will they drop it?

    Or should I just not reply full stop?


    Premier Icon takisawa2

    We had one. Legal advice was ignore. If it goes to court they have to prove who was responsible for parking the car, but can’t force you (as the keeper) to tell them. So they eventually give up chasing.

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