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  • park tools bearing puller???????????
  • hello wanting to swap my chainset does anyone have the park tools bearing puller i could borrow i will pay for postage both ways?or i live in burton near derby anyone willing/?????

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Why a Park tools one…?
    Any LBS should have one for a couple of pounds.
    Your welcome to borrow mine if your passing Lichfield.


    Any bike shop much cheaper than postage


    is it a religious thing ?

    lol imagine that no im not that snobby brilliant . no iv got a bearing puller but the arms that hook on the crank arm dont lock in place so when they have tension under them it puts outwards pressure on the crank arm protector!so want one where the arms are on a thread did that make any sense to anyone?

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    what chainset ?

    (I’ve lived a sheltered life and never seen one that needs a puller)

    MTB Rob

    sounds like a campag crnk

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Campag right? The Park puller has a reputation for breaking, my lbs has sent their’s back three times now, you might be better of buying a compatible automotive one.

    We made one that takes 2 people to operate.. A true work of bodge!

    The Park one is truly abysmal. I’m still baffled as to shy campag haven;t made their own though.

    That’s nice! I see they also do some proper crank pullers too, and for carbon.. £500 rrp for the lot though… I guess if nobody else is making one that works then that’s what they can get away with.

    Premier Icon hatter

    I have a Park Campag bearing puller, works just fine, most instances of them snapping are due to horrendously seized bearings or people not removing the circlip that holds the bearing in place, in which case the tool is designed to fail before it damages your posh Campy cranks. People are just more comfortable blaming the tool when they really should have RTFM’ed.

    Either way it’s got the usual Park lifetime warranty too, so if I do ever snap it I’ll just get it replaced.

    I don’t have any Campag equipped bikes ATM so if you want to borrow it get in touch.

    ya that cyclus stuff is real nice with a price tag!i know it is very strange how campag havnt done the tool to remove there own crank!its just strange how pretty much everything else is ultra torque that is higher end thats what im trying to do put a record chainset on instead of the power torque!as none of the bike shops around have the tool.ill have another ring around and if they still don’t ill take you up on the offer please hatter!cheers

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