Paris-Roubaix thoughts (tire based I'm afraid)

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  • Paris-Roubaix thoughts (tire based I'm afraid)
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    We’ve entered the 140km ride the day before the main race (so we can see how it’s really done) and am just thinking about sorting ourselves out beforehand. We’ve ridden in and around that area in the past and have ridden RvV 3 times in the past so we know what’s coming up. Just having some thoughts about tires (yes, sorry).
    We’ll be riding carbon cyclocross bikes, but still to decide what wheels – probably Eurus, but might go for Neutrons. We have in already Vittoria Pave Evo CG 24 which worked very well at RvV but I do have a pair of Grand Prix GP 4 Season 28 which I can borrow from my Portland, and there’s plenty of time to order another pair.
    Advice from those who’ve ridden it before please – is bigger better or will 24s be just fine?

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    From all accounts, Flanders is dead smooth compared to some sections – 25mm tubs for me with a little sealant inside too. I don’t think I’d fit 27mm in my frame but wish I could, my other pals will all be on 24mm Pave clinchers.
    Cannot wait!!

    Not ridden the route, but have ridden the pave… I would say a 28 would be better, I would consider going bigger, but I am bigger myself.

    A sticky compound will help as the cobbles can be slippery and slick.

    Have a google about the gravel racing that is going in the US, not exactly the same, but you may find something useful. Having said that, find out what the pros ride, and use the same tyres, after all you want to experience the Paris Roubaix, and if you wanted it to be easy and comfortable you would not even be there.

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    If you’re really strong and can rattle over it at full gas then 24s. If you’re going to cruise then 32s.


    Thanks. I’m leaning towards the 28 GP 4 Seasons as a good compromise. Cross bikes will be fine – both are high end carbon frames and sub 17lbs so should bounce over the pave 😯
    Next thoughts what beer in Roubaix? We’re staying about 2kms from the velodrome.


    I’ll be running 28mm Four Seasons. I already use them on my tourer, including ‘rough stuff’, they are a good tyre for the job. Either running a Focus Izalco or a Kaffenback, can’t decide, but either with hand built 32 spokers from Alastair Gow.

    This article is useful.

    Would this be cheating?

    They are amazing posts. I use them on my salsa fargo touring bike because you can’t get out of the saddle for every bump.

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    I’ve done it twice, just used my old Orca on 23’s (GP4’s) it was hard going, but then it’s a hard race.

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