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  • ski

    We loved the trip on a boat down the river in the evening


    Yes, just jump on one of those red bus tours, getting on and off when you want to see stuff. It’s the best way.

    Keep an eye on the small kid in crowds especially around the Trifle Tower, there is child snatching going on.


    We went to the Rodin Museum It didn’t take all that long, and the kids seem to enjoy it. Most people know “The Thinker” so they could sort of relate to what they were looking at.

    Its pretty close to the Eiffel tower.


    I don’t know about kids and what they like, but for me just wandering along the river from the Pont d’Austerlitz to the Place de la Concorde, with as many or as few forays off the side as you feel like, is all I need. The tuileries is a nice place to hang out for lunch, as is le Jardin du Luxembourg. The Louvre and the Quai d’Orsay can involve long queues.


    The Lido is pretty good with kids….

    Actually is IS excellent and once you’ve got used to the bouncing boobs the show is superb. I bet there’s a ban on kids though.


    Take the Batobus ticket …
    This covers from Jardin des Plantes to the Eifel tower …. (plus more)

    Jardin des Plantes isn’t that spectacular s a zoo but just around the corner on Rue Monge is a Roman Amphitheatre .. you can also take Institut du Monde Arab and the Mosque rest/garden (which is not what you might expect) … but a decent place to stop for a mint tea …. (there is even a Hamman attached but you won’t have time for that and it’s segregated male/female) – (Other than that it’s really not what you might expect from Mosques in the UK)

    If you ignore that then you can wander from there up to the Pantheon and then wander down Rue Moufftard (At the top of St Geof de Hillaire, almost next to the Church and Bombadier pub) is a rest L’Ecurie (stables) .. it only serves Steak and chips if its still open….

    Wander down Moufftard..for some trendy shops (probably a street market and maybe dancing in the square at the bottom . and end up back where you can take the batobus…

    Or if you don’t go down Moufftard instead you could just wander down Rue St. Michel to Notre Dame
    (where again you can pick up the Batobus)

    Everywhere is walkable … so you can even walk from Notre Dame to Pigale for sample… via the Grnds Boulevards etc. but I prefer missing that area and also Champs Elysees out… (I lived there for 7 yrs)


    Bonjour all – planning a day trip to Paris this week, with kids (12 & 9) in tow, probably take the train in from Melun and aim to have most of the day there.

    Mrs Tyred and I have been before, sans enfants, but was ages ago. Kids keen on stereotypical Paris stuff (Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre), not averse to covering a fair distance on foot, I’m not so keen on queuing all day plus I’m a notorious tightwad, we’re trying to work out a good plan for a day.

    Any recommendations?

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    Catacombs at Denfert are superb but there will be queues.

    The cemetery at Pere Lachaise is a beautiful spot with a fascinating history. Our kids actually enjoyed running around it trying to find the oldest grave, but it’s not an obvious family tourist destination. A little bit out of the centre, so would need to fit in with other things.

    I like the small zoo at Jardin des Plantes, although maybe not to everyone’s taste – kid’s would prob enjoy it. It has an older feel to it, like Proust once trod the paths, looking at the ostriches.


    Don’t forget Louvre cheap / free days….

    Entrance to the Louvre is €9. If you head there after 6pm on a Wednesday or Friday, entrance is reduced to just €6 and the museum is open until 9.45pm. Entrance is free for under 26s on Friday evenings. On the first Sunday of each month entrance is free for everyone, all day.


    get to louvre (if you must see it) atleast an hour before it opens – to avoid queues – or buy museum card (expensive)

    Musee D’orsay (personal favourite) again queue early but worth it

    Catacombs – pretty cool if you have the time

    Notre dame – just the out side then around the corner to Saint chapelle which is worth every penny of the entrance fee

    Try a Tabac for a cheap and French meal – some are intimidating but mostly great snacks for cheap and they are all over Paris

    Up the arc d triomphe museum and viewing gallery – often quiet

    Napoleons tomb in d’es invalide –

    Place de concorde is as near to the Eiffel tours as I want to get these days, I’ve walked up twice and that’s enough for me – An institution for a reason…………….

    Choose a couple of these then just wander round

    Don’t know if it still is, but the roof Tour Montparnasse (60+ storeys) used to be open – spectacular views
    Versailles, used to have free days (Sunday IIRC), again don’t know if it still does.


    Champs Elysée is good. I wouldn’t go up the tower as its v expensive and you can get a nice view from sacre coeur anyway. There’s a nice walk to and around the tower through some gardens – les invalides I think they’re called. on the whole, just bumbling around its a beautiful city with fantastic architecture. Pompidou centre might be worth a look though I’ve never been.

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