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    Nah, I think sometimes things get screwed up, when you’re dealing with over a billion parcels per year.

    We had DPD insisting they’d delivered a mile of PVC pipe to my office a while back because someone had signed for it, it turned out a barcode had misread. It wouldn’t have physically fitted in the building but computer said we had it.

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    In 13 years of being a postie I only know of 2 cases of proven theft of mail in my local area.

    In my case above – I’m not accusing anyone of theft. I’m fully aware when you handle millions of packages a year, a proportion might get lost, and I’m ‘OK’ with that. It was the fact that it got lost, that wasn’t disputed, but they still wouldn’t pay out the insured value because there was no evidence the package contained what it was supposed to.

    I have also had an item delivered to me that didn’t appear. I was watching tracking as i needed to leave the office early and wanted to see whether it was nearby. So was surprised to see that it had been delivered and signed for. As I only work a few hundred yards from the main post office i went down and asked, the sorting office mgr phoned the postie, who said he’d left it in the (unmanned) foyer of another office on the business park, and then on quizzing had signed for it himself.

    Thankfully I managed the few hundred yards back in record time and liberated it from the foyer before someone else found it. I don’t know what shit he got into. Not suggesting any dishonesty on his part, just laziness / ineptness, but not exactly how I’d choose for valuable items to be handled.


    @ theotherjonv,the company I work for has had a few cases like this. we paid for Special Delivery. Interweb says parcel delivered on time,signed for. Then it turns out parcel is not at the right location,quick phone call to local Post Office/ Delivery Centre and after sometime later they get back on “Sorry!,package is with a neighbour/nearby location……”,whatever. Our customer then has to go and (hopefully) get it themselves!. Needless to say if it is PO or courier company we ask for a refund of our costs as they have “Broken the terms of the contract”,as parcel not signed for/not where it was meant to be delivered !

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