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  • retro83

    A parcel company claim that they delivered something to me and I signed for it.
    THeir website won’t let me see the signature and the name given was apparently mine.
    I live in a block of flats, so i suspect the driver signed it and left it outside my door whereby it has gone walkies.

    I ordered the thing online from a UK site over a month ago, and I need it by Christmas. The company involved have done nothing to help. Parcel company won’t speak to me.

    Anyone know what I can do? Paid on credit card, not sure if that’s any help.


    If you paid for it on a credit card, you can at least claim the money back. There was a thread last night about something similar (not delivered parcel) that may have a good bit of useful info in it.


    Start a ‘Chargeback’ with your credit card company

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    Phone card company explain. Get a chargeback. Buy elsewhere.

    Parcel co have contract with the supplier not you so if the supplier won’t talk it’s time to bypass them and go for their money.


    The fact you paid on credit card is very helpful as you should be able to initiate a charge-back whereby they give you the money back, and claim it back from the supplier. This should be your last resort though – the supplier should rectify it themselves.

    Interestingly, the delivery company doesn’t have to speak to you – the retailer is their customer, and that’s where your complaint should be lodged – they can claim off the delivery company in due course.

    Tom B
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    just a quick note, there’s a difference between a “Chargeback” and claiming money back from a credit card company. The latter is a statutory right under S75 the Consumer Credit Act, the former is service offered by banks and credit card companies on Debit and credit Card transactions, but is not statutory.

    Consumer Credit Act



    Ask the delivery company to post you their POD (Proof Of Delivery) showing your signature.


    Ask the delivery company to post you their POD (Proof Of Delivery) showing your signature.

    Really, there’s no need. The OP has a contract with the supplier, and should get his money back or a replacement from them. What action they take with the delivery company is up to them…


    Thanks for the help everyone. I’ve had a look at the links Stoner posted, and a chargeback looks like the ticket.

    Just now the seller has emailed saying the delivery co are going to call me by 2pm today ‘to discuss’. If they don’t give me an assurance I will have the thing by tomorrow I’m going ahead with the chargeback.

    It’s not Yodel by the way, it’s a large US delivery co that is not UPS or DHL.

    There’s an additional spanner in the works now in that even if the delivery co do have it, unlike during the specified delivery time, nobody will be home and the nearest depot of the company is 40 miles away and I sure as /sbin/fsck am not doing an 80 mile round trip to get it. 😆

    I’m about 2 unanswered emails away from hulking out now

    Do either the retailer or courier have a Twitter feed. Never done it myself but heard that you can get a timely resolution to consumer issues by reporting issues over a Twitter feed, facebook etc

    TNT by any chance?
    Just had an interesting couple of weeks sorting problems with my Nexus 10 order. Google were no better


    Our postie at work, leaves the parcels in our unmanned reception area and appears to sign for any parcels himself (i checked a tracking code on my last special delivery parcel and it was shown as being signed for by me even though it was not signed for by anyone in the building)
    Luckily nothing has ever gone missing, but it could quite easily be taken by others. Then how do you prove its been stolen ?

    just as an add on to stoners post… if you do go for a chargeback and the cc company won’t play. immediatly go in with the s75.

    i had this happen myself on some faulty goods. the credit card company said it was’nt there problem and it went on for months until i found out about s75 and wrote to them claiming that way. cash was back in my account within days.


    Name the two companies involved. There is nothing wrong with that as you appear to be describing factual events.

    Get on the facebook page of the seller if they won’t resolve.


    it’s a large US delivery co that is not UPS or DHL

    Just FYI but DHL are German.

    My guess is fedex


    fyi, the consumer credit protection on your credit card only kicks in for purchases over £100.


    DHL Garman? I thought they started in HK…? Every day a school day and that…

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    Nope, DHL is part of Deutsche Post I believe. FedEx was my thought too.


    DHL are now part of Deutche Poste, but originally from San Francisco

    Shockingly large company – one of the biggest employers in the world

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    I had this a year or so back – a delivery for work that was signed by me, on a day off, at a time when I was approximately 3000′ feet up curved ridge 37 miles away.
    I asked for proof of signature that was emailed through – I had spelled my surname wrong it seems.
    Only when this was pointed out to the supplier (outdoor gear company) and a picture with time/date electronically on of me on summit of the buachaille did they finally suggest to the DHL that they were lying bandits and could they have the money back for delivery and value of the goods (some tents)….
    It was the culmination of 6 months of parcels and packages being delivered by DHL and Fedex to anywhere but our place of work (which is 8 miles up a singletrack road) – some were even left with the school as they guessed that some kids from employees at work would go there…others with the local garage etc etc..


    Phone’s not here, didn’t get a refund either. Plus they said they’d overnight another in time for Christmas eve if FedEx couldn’t tell me exactly where it was on the 18th which they then did not do. Tossers.

    Shop: Sotel GmbH via
    Delivery company: Fedex

    Initiating the charge back later in the week. Should have done it earlier, but I’m a gullible twit.

    It really pisses me off as well that FedEx ‘definitely delivered it to the right address’, on two times of asking, then on the third – ‘oh yes the driver remembers taking it to the wrong address now’. WTF you useless lying bawbag!

    Again, avoid Sotel GmbH. Good feedback on but they are useless timewasters.

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