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  • headfirst

    That one’s for mountain bikes not a road bike so isn’t the right size (different size wheels).


    I’ve got a Blackburn something or other rack, it’s been going for years. If that one fits (you have mounts, not sure about disc brakes) then it seems a good buy.

    Edit: Seems you should probably ignore me!

    Gah, wish they’d put wheel size on the listing. Shall have to go looking for some more knocked down ones after work.


    Its mtn by name but will fit a road bike no hassle.

    If you dont believe me go measure the od of your 700×23 an then the od of your 26x 2.1

    Ive used my mtn on my giant ocr plenty of times and i sold it on my old fixie ( also 700 x 35c) . Cracking rack for the money.

    So you think I’d be alright with that blackburn one trail_rat?


    Yep, it’ll fit a roadbike, I have one on my garage floor which i’m planning to fit onto my Boardman Hybrid. Only problem i’ve got is the top fixing straps a bit short, but i’m sure you can buy spares which are a bit longer.

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    I’ve used the Blackburn MTN rack on my road bike – it fits fine.

    Thanks all, shall get one of those ordered later tonight.


    It will fit but I would reccommend a TORTEC as a better pannier



    Blackburn MTN will fit but JP-t853s tortec is a winner – tis what i use now ! – as an added bonus – their disk version fits over surly endomorphs

    A while back I asked around about road bike sizing etc.

    Well, I got a Specialized Secteur Triple with the aim of primarily commuting and doing some touring. The later of these will clearly require panniers, which I was given a set of pannier bags by a friend. I still need a some racks however, so what would you recommend?

    I spotted these on On One reduced from £45. Would they be any good?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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