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  • trail_rat

    woudlnt get too hung up on needing to be disk rack.

    disks , mudguards AND non disk rack all fitted

    Premier Icon HansRey

    was that easy to fit, and what rack did u get in the end?


    Largely depends what discs frame and pannier combination you have. I have a alloy voodoo wanga with xt discs that a standard Topeak tubular rack fits. Same rack doesn’t fit a Marin frame with avids on.


    its a madison stainless steel tubus copy/rebrand

    it was one i had lying round in the shed tbh from when we toured NZ – which i used a similar spacer set up for the mrs kona dew deluxx with that same rack.

    i also have the same rack , brake and mudguards on my road rat

    Premier Icon seven

    Can’t comment on any of the others, but I have been using a Supertourist DX every day for the past 2 years, mostly for commuting to work but also for a couple of week long road trips carrying everything needed.

    So far absolutely no problems. They seem light, strong and you just fit and forget.

    Hard to fit mudguard, but if you just put a bit of neoprene over the bars fitting it to the seat tube and you wont need one.



    I fitted a supertourist to my 29er inbred – I had it already so made it fit as I didn’t want to buy another.

    I filed down the attachment points that hold the lower bolts, can add pics later if it helps


    Axiom Disc DLX
    Has a claimed capcity of 50KG

    Premier Icon HansRey


    I’m going on a big baltic bike tour and i really need some help.

    I’m looking at pannier racks for a 26” HT-mtb,.. with 180mm disc brake rotors. Should be quite simple but i can’t afford to spend more than £50.

    I’ve looked at…

    Tortec Apex

    Madison EX1

    Madison Ridge

    Topeak Tubular

    Topeak Supertourist DX

    What do you think of these? Have i missed anything else?


    Premier Icon HansRey

    thank you for the help everyone. I didn#t think to check Amazon, i’ll do that now.

    adjustablewench – would you mind posting up a pic if you have it? thank you 🙂

    seven: great tip about the neoprene. I#ll do that too!


    Similar bodge possible – this is to get a mudguard over a disc on a Pompetamine.

    (Has hub gear/discs/rack – but back was no problem)


    Recently bought a super tourist from halfords,with 20% off. Haven’t used it in anger yet,only fitted it,but it was easy to fit and seems sturdy enough.
    And I’ve just had a quick check and the 20% is still ongoing,it was supposed to finish last week,which takes it down to £25. Happy days.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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