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    So, both the porridge threads have got me thinking (and I’m hungry).

    Being a current user of the Eating Plan That Dare Not Speak Its Name, I have one day off the eggs. Saturday mornings are devoted to family breakfast, and we’re going through a(nother) pancake phase.

    Am currently making American style using self raising flour and some blueberries doused in maple syrup (nutella for Toddler North).

    Share your recipes..!


    At weekends we sometimes have pancakes. Kids hoover ’em up.
    we follow nigella’s recipe
    I like bacon and maple syrup on mine, but we usually have a big bowl of different fruit, apples, raspberries, oranges etc and we all just tuck in. Nom Nom as they say


    pancake mix and chocolate chip cookies – they come out runny if you do a thickish mix and pancake

    Mash a banana into it.
    I prefer to just do a pancake and put some fruit on top tbh – sometimes coooked sometimes not

    Not sure what the ege thing refers to tbh but mine are egg free



    Freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Lemon, sugar. BOOM


    My little girl loves making pancakes with me early on a saturday morning.

    Not sure we’ve got much in the way of recipes though… Some flour, an egg, a grind of salt, bit of milk … away you go that’s the beauty of them… you can’t go wrong.

    Although adding a melted knob of butter into the mixture does improve it quite alot… this was new to me until a year ago.

    Toppings … Nutella for her, lemon and a little sugar for me


    Nigella’s recipe – why use plain + baking powder? Surely self raising is just that?


    And make them to the ’traditional’ recipe as flat pancakes – any left over, bung another egg in and they make superb Yorkshires.

    In fact we tell our kids the Yorkshires on a Sunday dinnertime are pancakes and they vacuum them up.


    Mashed banana, grated apple and some cinnamon through the batter (plain flour, eggs, milk and salt). I saw Jamie Oliver do it once and tried it… there is nothing not to like (apart from his face).

    Serve with crispy bacon (american style) and maple syrup… my kids LOVE Sunday mornings.

    Go ‘paleo’ style – banana + egg + almond nut butter, sounds weird but surprisingly tasty 😉


    Treated myself to pancakes this morning, flour egg milk for the batter.
    Topped with yoghurt, honey, raspberrys and some granolla type cereal stuff. Tasted great!

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    why use plain + baking powder? Surely self raising is just that?

    not everywhere has SR flour (which I think is a british, or maybe american thing?). Can only get normal + baking powder here.

    Bacon + Maple Syrup on pancakes for me.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Cool. Some thoughts there.

    FWIW for breakfast we find the smaller, puffed up american style nicer than British flat ones. Shrove Tuesday is all about British style.

    Might do some whipped cream this Sat for the full cholesterol experience. Like the bowl of fruit suggestion.


    We used to go for nigellas buttermilk pancakes, but i now make paleo pancakes
    2 mashed bananas
    2 eggs
    Ground almonds
    Cooked in butter

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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