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  • Panaracer Cinders – what’s wrong with them?
  • druidh

    I didn’t like them at all. I found them to be rubbish in the wet, as well as being slow and draggy. I’d had Fire XCs on a previous bike, so was expecting better. Just goes to show how much personal preference works.

    As regards them never getting a mention, that’s because of the herd mentality of STW.


    nothing, i love mine – they’re wick in many many conditions. got em on both wheels.


    The orange/red sidewalls look rubbish on my “that blue” 456.
    They dont grip on wet roots in my local woods (but nothing does).
    There are lighter and less draggy tyres out there

    Err, thats about it really. I have new tyres in the shed for when they die, but they just seem to keep on going.

    I used them for a couple of years, too hard for most situations. a bit too draggy and didn’t break away very predictably (probably due to hard compound not deforming much on corners)


    2.25 back and front – all in black Tim! Similar opinion to the op, although I’d add I much prefer them at less than about 35 psi. Sounds a bit strange but they seem to work much better at low pressure


    also, mine have plain black sidewalls. edit – as just noted.

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    Ta for the replies chaps.

    Just wondered if there was a well known issue with them that I was unaware of.

    Druidh, what did you finally settle on?
    I’ve never had a problem with wet weather grip with the Cinders, even on rocks and roots, but as I say, haven’t compared them to much recently.


    i had them on over in wales recently where it varied from dingy wet rocks to dry and dusty over the course of week. no grip issues, no punctures. i really like ’em.


    “Folding ones don’t seem too heavy”

    Maybe when you assume they are same volume as other manufacturers stated volumes. Panaracers come up quite small compared to others though. Maybe even smaller than ‘old tread’ maxxis

    760g for a 2.25″ Cinder which is around the same sort of size as my 610g Kenda Nevegal 2.1″ or 520g/565g Bontrager ACX 2.2″s puts me off buying them. My 2.25″ Advantages are about 2.5″ High Roller size but wiegh 100g less than 2.25″ Cinders. I’ve often thought about buying them, but their weight for the volume you get has always ruled them out for me


    I like them – and don’t think the weight saving for folding ones is much – 50g each maybe? I have both in 2.25 and I like to use them when it’s mostly dry and think they’re great then, use them in Spain and anywhere technical really on my 2004 S-works Enduro. The extra weight/rolling resitance is just extra toughness and nice big, grippy knobs.


    Brilliant tyres draggy but worth it for inspiring grip!


    They’re not a bad tyre but there are better out there.

    On plus side I found them great, confidence-inspiring in the Dark Peak and Morzine.

    On the minus side I found them hatefully draggy on tarmac (I often ride from home and can do 5 miles before I’m off-road). They were also utterly useless as a front tyre in some types of mud (like ball bearings on ice). Finally I had two explode on me – literally ‘just riding along’ on a road section both times, sidewall in tatters.


    Really like mine too.

    They have proper big knobs on them, compared to a lot of tyres I have bought that look nearly worn out in the shop, no wonder they are lighter (Schwalbe King Jims were the last pair).

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    Used them for about 2 years and thought they were great, new bike 2 years ago came with Nevegals on, used them to see what they were like and really liked them, did back to back rides a few weeks ago to compare my old Cinders against the Nevegals, my findings were:

    Didn’t roll as well as the Kendas
    Didn’t grip as well as the Kendas
    Didn’t clear mud as well as the Kendas
    Didn’t look as nice on the bike as the Kendas (red sidewalls)


    My dad now has another set of my tried but didn’t like tyres


    Have got a set of 2.25 on the tandem – work well, a bit draggy but at 25/30psi they grip nicely and we have a reasonable level of confidence that they’re not going to break away suddenly.
    They also worked well in the Pyrenees.

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    Have noticed that they hardly ever get mentioned in the numerous ‘What tyre?’ threads.

    I’ve used them for two or three years now – bit draggy and slow rolling but fantastic grip on all surfaces, secure when cranked over, never pinch flat and seem to last OK. Even shed mud respectably.

    Folding ones don’t seem too heavy.

    Used on a steel hardtail with Mavic 719’s. Mostly 2.1’s but have just stuck a 2.25 on the front for ‘Summer’.

    Anyone else use them?


    have a set of these somewhere – find them a bit draggy and not as good all rounders as other equivelent tyres such as high rollers.

    also they have thin sidewalls and to get them working there best you need to run low pressure, and then the sidewalls look like they might collapse.

    anyone wanna buy a part worn pair?

    I run them on the back of a bike I have built up for general XC riding and there’s nothing wrong with them. I’ve had the tyre for a few years and it’s pretty light as a folding tyre and just gets on and does the job.

    If it gets really dry it will be coming off in favour of a Small Block 8 mind you!

    My only gripe with the Panaracer tyres I have used (Cinder and Trail Blaster) is that they seem far more prone to pinch flats than Kenda, Maxxis or Continental tyres.


    Get a good rating on everyone’s favourite mtb rating site:



    I bought some about four years ago after a flurry of rave reviews – Oh dear ! Me & The Cinder’s didn’t get on at all as I seemed to spend more time on the floor having been dumped off the bike.

    Sold them on quickly to try and preserve my life expectancy.

    These day’s I’m back on tried and very trusted ground of Spesh Enduro’s / Resolution’s dependent on which bike I’m out on.

    Love both the Enduro’s & Resolution’s & can’t seem to fault either.
    But, as we all know, tyres are very much a personal thing.

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    i ran them for a while, but moved onto rampages. just as much grip and roll significantly better…

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    I like em, had them on my bike for a couple of years, only changed becasue they seemed to go ‘baggy’ and slide around the rim (ripped numerous valves off on the front) and fancied trying something else.

    Currently swaping between mtn kings, high rollers and 2.1 fire xc’s, might give cinders another go later in the year.

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