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  • PAIS Christian movement running a club in local school
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    I don’t understand why the Head would even consider inviting an organisation without a clear (if not full) understanding of who and what they are – and what they wish to achieve.
    Has the Head been to any presentations made by PAIS in other schools?
    I would be more concerned about a Head who has not carried out due diligence.
    It’s unfortunate, but true, that altruism in it’s purest form – doing good for it’s own sake – is rarely seen; there is usually some underlying driver for organisations such as PAIS extending their ‘community engagement’.

    This is one time I hope I am proven to be an old cynic.

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    I gave a talk to a class of 6yr olds. Based on that experience, it’s the religionists I feel for, en masse, kids are a malevolent force..

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    Interesting thread. However I’m reasonably confident that if you replace “Christian” with “Muslim” there would be cries of “Islamophobia”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not much time for any organised religion but it does seem more acceptable to criticise one rather than the other. Not just on here either.

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    If it was a whabbist/devout inspired group offering youth clubs I would be saying the same as would everyone else

    I also reject the idea that poor christians get it worse in this country -0 its like suggesting white men get the worst deal

    they are the state religion they are not in any sense oppressed by anyone . When its the law that schools have to deliver a daily act of Islamic worship I will be just as vocal about them.

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    Respect JY, your apology has been noted here, well done.

    As for the rest of the OP, as leffeboy commented on the first page, trust in yourself and how you’re raising your progeny so they are able to openly ask questions and discuss the relevant situation with you, their parent, role model and early life mentor and guide.

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    What JY said.

    “Yeah but Islam” is whataboutery and the notion that we wouldn’t discuss / criticise it is simple fiction. We can, we have in the past and will no doubt do so again in the future.

    I don’t doubt there would be cries of “Islamophobia” but some people do so like to infer meanings in order to be offended and have an argument. Actual real Islamophobia (as opposed to reaching for the pitchforks whenever someone mentions brown people) wouldn’t be tolerated.

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    “Islamophobia”? WTF does that mean?!

    A fear of Islam? Which from comments earlier on this thread, since redacted, could have I guess been taken as Christianophobia.

    Glad to see the lack of tolerance extends to all major doctrines. Wouldn’t want one to be left out would we?

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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