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  • Painting Tiles – Yes or No?
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    Big debate in the Broken household. The Kitchen needs a revamp (has done since we moved in 16+ years ago), but all we can afford is a bit of a makeover.

    We have had the ceiling done and I am painting the walls above the tiles, but the tiles are a ‘problem’. All four walls are tiled from the floor to about half way up. Most are in good condition, but they are a funny greeny/brown colour which look very dated.

    Has anyone painted tiles. I am all for it and think I could make a good finish by using a roller and refreshing the grout after I have done it. I am concerned about the durability especially on the bit behind the hob (splashback?)

    The wife thinks it will look rubbish/cheap. and is also worried that it will all flake off/peel very quickly.

    Has anyone on here done it? If so do you have any advice?

    Anyone care to post before and after photos (especially close ups of the finish?)

    Any advice?


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    have seen it done, didn’t look good

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    mumsnet suggests it may work okay:

    Personally I would re-tile but it depends how much you want to do/spend and as you’ve now painted the rest of the kitchen I don’t think you want to go making lots of dust.

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    It can work ok, if you turn out to be good at it.
    And it can look total crap if you turn out to be crap at it 🙂

    There is only one way to find out really, give it a go.
    If it looks rubbish, it’s not cost much and still needs re tiling like it does now.

    I’ve done kitchen splash backs between work surfaces and cupboards before (in white) and it looked great.
    But tried in a bathroom once and it didn’t look so good after a few months.

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    wouldn’t cost you any more in theory to pull them down. at most you’re going to be filling a few areas of damage afterwards, non-expensive just more time-consuming. then you have a lovely smooth surface to paint properly.

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    Painted ours in the kitchen and their is definitely an art to getting a smooth finish. You need a really fine haired brush and need to be carefully about not going over where you have already done, otherwise you get brush marks! Not a job I’d relish doing again!

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    we did it once to cover over for a few months before we retiled (just a section of splashback) if it’s a short term thing and you can be bothered, yes – personally I’d not bother again, retile.

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    We painted our bathroom tiles years ago but it was because we couldn’t find the right colour tile. Tiles are surprisingly cheap if you don’t want natural stone etc and it’ll look so much better. Definitely worth the outlay. If you paint them, your dated tiles may end up looking just as dated?

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    use a sponge roller

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    You will need to get the tiles degreased and spotless. Then you will need tile paint, which comes ina range of colours your Dad would have liked. Then it will look absolutely awful, all the brush marks and dribbles will be visible in the ghastly gloss finish. So you will rip them all off and start again.

    Get a tiler in and do it properly.

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