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  • Conor

    Have a mini gym in the garage, it’s not used for woodwork or anything like that any more… so I’m making it a bit more comfortable.

    Got foam tiles for under the treadmill, rowing machine etc.

    Want to paint the floor to help keep dust down. Should I use a sealant or just use the floor paint? The floor is a bit stained with oil etc.. but are old stains. Floor gets a bit damp with rain coming in through the side door when it’s left open.

    Any tips?



    Ooh! I’m interested in this too. I’d been condidering plastic workshop tiles – the type that lock together.


    I’ve used this stuff with good results but you need to put it on thickly.

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    garage floor paint is pretty good, albeit fairly expensive.

    it’s almost easier to spread it around with a squeegy than use a brush.


    Any suggestions on how to get rid of the dirt/dust/mud/etc that’s already on the concrete? Mine currently has a very rough finish so you can’t really sweep it.

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    key with floor paint is to thin it down for the first coat – really helps it coat and seal, then a standard coat over the top to give a bit of durability.

    but then it’ll probably say that on the tin!


    I did my garage floor, just gave it a good brushing, then hoovered it, then applied floor paint with a roller. It’s come up a treat.


    Just done this on a workshop and garage floor. We used the international sealer and floor paint products (from DIY sheds). The sealer can be used on it’s own, as can the floor paint. But if you seal first the floor paint will spread easily and goes much further. The sealer will also reduce, but not eliminate, oil stains leaching through the paint. Things to know are…

    – The areas given on the can for coverage are pretty accurate.
    – Sealant and Paint best applied with a standard roller on a long stick.
    – In these temperatures sealant will takes a couple of days to dry and stinks, paint a bit quicker and not so smelly.

    Clubber – the painting technique only works on fairly smooth finished concrete surfaces (like a garage floor). If you’ve got really rough finish then you might want to strub it or powerwash it first to lift the mud then screed it to a flat finish (look for a self levelling screed product). Might be less effort to fit workshop tiles.


    Excellent stuff, can always rely on STW 🙂

    Are there any damp issues if using the paint or a sealant? We have damp coming if from either the door seal or over the damp proof coursing at the rear of the garage… it’s definitely not rising damp. We’ll be clearing the crap behind the garage to bring the ground down below the damp proof course.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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