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    I moved into my apartment 10 years ago, and it was already looking a bit scruffy when I moved in. I haven’t done anything since and I don’t think I can put off putting some paint on the walls any longer.

    I haven’t actually done any painting for about 25 years, and just want to get it done with the minimum of fuss, nothing elaborate, just white ceilings and some muted colours on the walls.

    Without actually getting in a professional, what is the best methods and tips these days, roller? pads? spray machine? What is good for masking of the doors and Windsors etc

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    masking of the Windsors

    Personally I just try my best to ignore them

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    Preparation is 90% of the effort. Fill, sand, sort. (That is for walls and woodwork).

    I am sure someone who actually has been trained will tell me I am wrong, but….
    – Move the furniture out and borrow a step ladder.
    – I start at the top and work down – ceiling, then walls, then woodwork
    – I work away from the light as I paint.
    – Lighter coats but more coats is best.
    – I choose a decent trade paint – don’t get sucked into too posh a paint, that said cheap sucks. I use The Paint Shed for advice and good prices.
    – I use a roller still – again ask the shop of your choice what roller and what brushes.
    – I just cut in by hand and can make a pretty decent job if it – certainly better that faffing with tape / mask etc.
    – have a board or similar to mask off the carpet where you paint skirting – and lots of sheets to cover everyting else.

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    Not an expert, but working with a former pro (my dad) recently – Matt’s comments are pretty much how we did it.

    Can get away with piling the furniture in the middle of the room and covering it up well though.

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    choose a decent trade paint

    This – a light colour will probably only need one coat if you use a decent trade paint. I use Johnstone’s scrubbable stuff – it’s brilliant.

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    Take your time prepping the room and filling / sanding everything ready to paint – you can’t get a good finish on a rough surface and if there’s any dust or film on the walls the paint won’t stick. Get all the furniture out of the way. Mask or loosen off all the fittings in the room. Cover anything you don’t want paint on. It speeds up the actual painting.

    The last few rooms I’ve done the time spent was probably:

    8 hours cleaning, prepping, sanding, masking etc

    1 hour first coat

    wait a bit, lightly sand

    1 hour second coat

    2 hours cleaning up and putting the room back together. The painting is easy bit.

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    Preparation is 90% of the effort.

    Very much this. Always remember the 6 Pees!







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    Take your time choosing the colours, ask your local indie supplier for colour charts and ask loads of opinions of people you know.  I so nearly painted my house exterior a strange colour, it looked good in the shop but would have been a big mistake.  Stick to neutrals.

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    use a roller on a pole with the tray on the floor – means you don’t have to keep going up and down ladders

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    Your all missing one of the most important bit….. sugar soap all the walls and ceilings….especially kitchens and bathrooms….and don’t forget to wash it off…I would even do the wood work too

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