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  • paint recommendations for a display only frame
  • I have an old tandem frame that i’m threatening to put up on the dinning room wall.
    It needs stripping and a nice paint job first – as it’s display only it doesn’t need to be as tough as powercoat, so anyone any ideas what would give the best high gloss/shine finish for the lowest cost?
    (assume blasting still best way of cleaning up? Or is that only necessary prep for powder coating?)



    Where do you live? Armourtex in London will sort you out for about £50, unless its gone up

    Can’t get over there really. Even so, if it’s going on the wall it doesn’t need to done by a bike specialist (eg threads don’t need masking etc), so should be doable by any painter.
    Just wondering how spray paint, enamel etc compare to powder coat in cost and finish quality?


    Its complicated as a good powder coat all look better than a bad sprayaint job. Try a car refinished and see if they’ll do it. You should get a good finish then.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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