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  • Gilles


    Could any London commuter send me a GPS friendly cycle route from Paddington to Fernchurch Street, a safe route will be nice. I tried the tube in the past but the circle line is really a pain and I’m wondering if it will be quicker to go by bike, a Brompton in my case. Is it an insane plan?

    many thanks for your feedback,


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    perfectly doable.

    However the recommended cycle route probably take syou though the russel square/tavistock sqaure student hellhole on the cycle ways. If I were you, Id just point the bike east and go exploring! Cycling in London isnt that dangerous you know – its not as if any of the buggers can get up to much speed!

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    Try following the Regents Canal to arrive in Islington, and then cut back South to Fenchurch Street.
    Alternatively head South from Paddington and pick up the Hyde Park. Cross it to Green Park and St James’ Park then pick up the Thames at Westminster Bridge. You can then play dodge the jogger all along the river bank path (South or North)!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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