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  • MrSmith

    Not tried it myself but know a bit about them (I know a few people in the coffee trade and the designer of their website) they used to just bulk buy from a roaster (that I can’t really name) and repackage but they are now roasting their own. The beans will come from the usual wholesalers like mercanta and will be fresh roasted. Got to be worth a try.
    They don’t do over-roasted ‘old brown Java’ and overpriced blue mountain. I tend to avoid roasters who offer stuff like that as things have moved on after a few years of antipodean and American influence on how to roast coffee.

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    Got a voucher code with a delivery from probikekit the other day – just wondered if the coffee fans on here had tried it?

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    Cheers – initial pack for £1 sounds worth a try then!

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    Sister had a pack and didn’t like it… gave it to me, and I had to agree.

    For a quid it is worth a try, but we were pretty disappointed. Especially given their usual prices!

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    I like it well enough. Use code ‘secret’ to give it a try.

    What else is recommended then?


    If you don’t want to offend anyone by being a coffee snob try Nescafé. Failing that try:

    Small batch
    Roasting Party
    Roundhill Roastery
    Tate (yes the gallery)
    Artisan Roast
    Climpson and Sons

    Tried them all recently, all good and not expensive


    Especially fond of James’s Gourmet Coffee.

    I’m just working my way through my £1 pack. It’s good, but not sure it’s good enough to warrant continuing at full price though.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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