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  • Pact Coffee.. anyone tried them?
  • Premier Icon cloudnine

    Just had an offer card through with dirt mag.
    Seems to be a subscription type thing with an introductory offer.
    Normally £6.95 for 250g of beans… and they send 2 bags a month i think.
    Anyone used them or can recommend another cheaper bean source??

    The code offer is CYCLESHOW btw

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Normally £6.95 for 250g of beans

    thats rather a lot – it would have to be exceptional coffee for that

    and they send 2 bags a month i think.

    thats not very much (not very much to choose from either)

    Hasbean’s coffee is generally cheaper than that – only their especially rare or special stuff creeps over £5 a bag, their ‘in my cup’ subscription sends you a different coffee every week. Their tasting notes look very flowery and pretentious (they’re a bit tongue in cheek) but are very consistent. If you like a coffee then anything described in a similar way will also be right up your street so at the end of the sub you can easily order coffee you like from the web descriptions. We did a couple of subscriptions, keeping the packets and marking our favourites we liked best and the ones we were less keen on (after 24 bags there was only one we really didn’t like). After that its been easy to order stuff we like, even though their stock changes rapidly the consistency of their descriptions make choosing stuff you like easy.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Thanks mac… thought it sounded a bit expensive.
    *Wanders over to hasbean

    Premier Icon Alex

    Not familiar with PACT, but I’m lucky enough to live down the road from here: – james is a top man who gives great advice and – more importantly – roasts lovely coffee beans. £5 for 250g although I don’t pay postage.


    The Pact Espresso blend is really nice, slightly darker than the typical hasbean roast profiles and producing consistent brews via mc2 & classic. Works well with or without milk. It’s simple to adjust next order date too.

    I don’t begrudge the £7 per bag for that. Still got a hasbean subscription 1 bag per month too, which will continue too.

    Pact are another player in a busier market but they’ve started well.

    Tank coffee are worth a look into too.


    Tried the free 100g from PACT which was underwhelming. Am now making my way through my first bag of Hasbeans (a mixed blend) and it’s like there is a dose of MSG in there (in a good way). Very moreish.

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