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  • gears_suck

    Passed a couple guys on a ride last year. Fully kitted out with full sussers, winter gear, night lights, elbow and knee pads. Weird though… helmets.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    chip – Member

    It surprises me how many riders I see with quit substantial knee pads but with just a t shirt and bare elbows.
    I’ve just based it on what I’ve hit in the past. Nearly every time I fall off, my knees take a hit. Can’t remember having elbow injuries (except once on a road ride).

    Premier Icon vondally

    11 years ago mtb hit a tree at about 35mph, well clipped one bounced hit another flung down the trail rolling, lay there for a while and realised my neck and arm weren’t right, lower back and legs were odd. I had managed to seriously damage the discs in my

    neck and lower back which were in a ropey state following years of rugby.

    9 months later was allowed back to ride and have done ever since even though I have periods of enforced rest/injury reoccurance I have accepted that I will never be the fastest quickest jumpiest or bestest rider but I enjoy myself, I go fast enough for me on the downs and like a challenge on the climbs.

    As WCA says start and just pootle and enjoy being out, really hard as I remember my first ride after nine months out and I was knackered but got better

    ride in pads, forget the fashionpolice or the internet heroes and ride in what gives you comfort and confidence

    get off and walk if you do not feel good that day

    try a skills day ED O did wonders for my confidence and skills

    relax, I was always tense thinking I was going to hurt myself so riding was hard

    hypnotherapy…I went and it helped, reminded me to relax and enjoy things. A friend was taking there course and it was an offer and I was sceptical but a sports psychologist or a coach like jedi or ed o would help with the mind games

    So no do not pack up yet but just reassess and of course get a 29er 😀

    good luck with the recovery and WCA hope you get better soon and that pic is not good sat 9 in the morning

    Premier Icon DaveRambo

    If you fall off a lot then you’re riding beyond your current skill level.

    Skills courses help but so will backing off a bit, not trying to ride quite as fast, not trying to keep up with mates.

    Don’t stop riding, just head out on your own for a ride and force yourself to take it easy. If you find one bit difficult, or fun, go back and ride it a few times. I find that some days my heads not there so I’m quite happy to walk a section that normally I’d ride without thinking about it.

    The more you ride the better you will become and if you badly hurt yourself you can’t do either (ride or get better at it)


    Just checked back on this tread after 6 months… I’m happy to say that I got some lightweight Endura pads and some g form elbow pads AND HAVEN’T FALLEN OFF SINCE!!

    I think it’s been a combination of:
    New bike (I wish I wasn’t such a gear junky but it’s really motivating)
    Riding more (duh)
    Confidence from wearing pads

    I’ve decided I’m quite happy not to hit jumps and am keeping up with my regular riding buddy who used to always be much quicker on the downs.


    If you’ve lost the love for riding, sell up, if not, try to do easier, shorter rides and build back up. Road bikes are not hitting-trees dangerous but they are dangerous in their own right (other road users, low grip, road-side objects etc) but it’s a different kind of riding and one you might feel is more your thing these days.

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