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  • Pace RC405 new colour and shock options
  • cheers_drive

    So who’s got a RC405 in the new blue and orange colours? What’s the paint finish like? I heard that the white wasn’t brilliant and dulled quickly.
    Also it comes with a Rockshox Monarch shock this year, is it worth upgrading to the DT Swiss E200 because the bike was designed around it?


    I wasn’t going to reply as I don’t specifically own a blue or orange one…or one with a Monarch
    But based on no comments maybe something is better than nothing..??
    I have a white one and I have not experienced any dulling of the paint, I think you’ve read this as a review on Bike Radar ?
    I toyed with the idea of a DT shock but went for the Revs, as the DT one’s were to much of an unknown when I ordered mine (May 2008. I’m pleased I choose the Rev’s over DT, whilst they’re not a ‘bling’…so what!!
    They work really well

    Have you test ridden one yet?


    Thanks for the reply
    Of all the colours I prefer white but I had seen the Bike Radar and CRC review which put me off.

    I meant the rear shock not the fork – this year the standard show is a Monarch and the DT is a cost option.

    No I’ve not test ridden one yet – The Afan Demo day was medium only and Dalby is a bit far from Bristol. The LBS are a Pace dealer and said they may be able to get a medium test bike in but I’m not sure that will be a fair test because I’m 6′ 3″.

    Premier Icon redhorse

    I have had a white RC405 since January last year, and its seen planty of action. The paint hasn’t dulled, to be honest, but I would say that it isn’t as tough as some, although not terribly fragile. It does get scuffed quite easily, and has rubbed through in a couple of places. I have the DT shock (only option at the time) which is smooth, plush and I run it without any platform dialled in. I can’t compare it to the RS though. Size wise, you’ll need a large. I am 6’2″, and its spot on – wouldn’t want it any smaller though.


    I’ve got it in white, large, am 6ft 1″. The paint is fine, I’ve had far worse with anodized finishes, in the end white is easy to touch up though. Bit of T-Cut and polish will see off any small scratches. I think people were refering to how dirt gets worked into the fine scratches, but like I say, ignore that.

    Oh, by the way, I think the new colour schemes are ghastly, don’t know who picked them, especically when so many other manufacturers find such interesting hues and that.

    Dunno about the Monarch shock. I’d phone Pace and talk to them, see if they reckon its as good on the bike. The white one with the DT has had some good ‘few hundred quid off’ deals lately too if you’re lucky enough to get one in your size.

    Premier Icon Paceman

    The white finish is fine, it just shows up dirt more like white cars do!

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