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  • Premier Icon leftyboy

    As title really.

    I have the chnace to buy a Pace 303 frame (new unused stock) or a On-One 456. The Pace is more money but I'm drawn to it.

    I have a Fox Talas 32 130mm fork to transplant and mainly XT kit with either Hope Hoops or XT wheels if that makes any difference.

    My mates got a 456, I've got a 303. They are both brilliant – but he still goes faster than me 🙁

    Should add that only problem he has had with his 456 is a bent rear mech hanger – properly mangled. His 456 does not have replaceable dropouts, although i do not know if the design has changed since.

    Some say the 303 ride is a bit 'harsh' but I have not suffered, although my tyre of choice for the Pace are 2.4" racing ralphs. Works surprisingly well

    Premier Icon billyboy

    I own a steel 456 and 303. Both are good in their own way. Pace is better at going downhill. 456 is better overall. 456 is going to come out heavy if you go for a robust all mountain (whatever that is… I ride the Lakeland Fells a lot…is that all mountain?)build unless you get the Ti version. My Ti456(Pro2-DT510 wheels/Pike/M4s/XT/Middleburn) is around the 28lbs mark. Just did a reasonably light XT/Revs type build on a 14" 456 for my lady and that came out at 29lbs. My 303 (Pr2-DT540 wheels/XT/Juicys/RC41 Fork)is around 27lbs.
    456s will come out low at the front unless you are building a 14" when they come out proportionaly higher at the front, making them an excellent Women Specific Option. So allow for 35mm of spacers when you build it and adjust from there to suit. The Pace won't need that. Both benefit from a travel adjust fork when it comes to climbing, the Pace more so than the 456.


    the Pace will probably hold its value longer should you ever wish to sell it

    Premier Icon legspin

    If you dont have 35mm of spacers i doubt you would need to drop the forks for climbing.

    *edit* if u like a long top tube 456 if you want a short top tube pace.

    Premier Icon leftyboy

    Hi All

    Cheers I'm slightly favouring the Pace as I'm trying to keep the overall weight reasonable.


    Yeah, the 303 gives a silly short front end, and as long as you keep the stem reasonably short (mines 70mm), you should never need to drop travel for climbing.
    303 everyday of the week.


    I'm currently putting together a Summer Season 456 and it looks like its coming in at around 27lbs thats with 150mm forks, so don't be put off in that respect regards weight..


    I have a 456 and the build is about 26lbs but it rides light and I have no regrets in getting it (sold my trance to pay for it and I do not look back)

    b r

    Its not a real weight without a picture of it on the scales!

    This is a large with mainly XTR, but mudguards also.


    I is crap cos I cannot post pic's

    If you cleaned your bike it may be a bit lighter 😉


    I had both an RC303 and Summer Season 456 and both are excellent frames. The Pace is slightly better made and thought out and will hold it's value better on re-sale. As for riding I loved the Pace, such a blast going downhill but for all-day riding it can be a bit harsh but aren't most ally frames? I ran mine with 140mm Minute 4's and they suited the frame really well. Only thing I didn't like about the frame is the rear brake hose routing but it's nothing really. Looks a beefy frame but comes in quite light too.
    The SS 456 are bargains of the year considering their cost and are well built. With decent kit they will build easily up to 28lb and aren't to hard to lug round all day. Geometry is good and even when I used 140mm forks, the head angle didn't have it wandering round on climbs. I'd definitely recommend one anyday.
    As for which I'd go for I would say the Pace by a whisker but try get a suspension post for it or a nice comfy saddle.


    The RC303 was revised for the RC305.
    I've had both the 456 original pale-blue one and an RC305.
    I rode the 16in and small size respectively.
    The 456 obviously has a super long top tube at 23in and the RC305 has a shorter 22.15in top tube.
    The RC305 is light for what it is. Weighing in at a little over 4lbs.
    The 456 was a little over 5lbs.
    Built-up – the RC305 with not too burly not too light kit – came in at 26lbs. And in case you can't work it out – the 456 with the same kit a little over 27lbs.
    Ride – the RC305 is a more upright "in your face" ride. The steering is sharp with an RS Revelation at 130mm fully extended. And this is how I rode it. Winding it down for anything but a climb would make it too twitchy. The seat stays are remarkably compliant. Its comfortable enough for all day riding and I certainly found it no less comfortable than the 456. I think the Pace designers have done some good work on those seat and chain stays to give excellent trail feedback.
    The 456 for the price is an excellent frame. You either get on with the long top tube or don't. I ended up with an inline seatpost to help me out.
    Both frames have super clearance for some biggish tyres.
    Both frames required a bleed to fit the rear brake. The RC305 to thread the hose through the reinforcement brace at the seat tube and the 456 because the hose guides are the thread through type.
    Durability – the Pace has its graphics painted on and are prone to rubbing. Both have durable finishes but the RC305 has a better quality paint finish (and so it should).
    What I liked about both frames is the fact that even with long forks the front end was not hoisted too high. Something I've experienced on other LT frames. The RC305 does the best job on this by using a short headtube and a semi-integrated headset.

    Won't choose for you – I liked both frames.


    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I had a 303' Loved it, but at my age couldnt ride it for more than an hour or two before it hurt. Also, the geometry was, for me, a little bit "tense", & best ridden very hard. Not really a bike for long days in the saddle, but for a trail centres it was great fun.

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