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  • P7 / stif morf sizing
  • Premier Icon ceepers
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    Pretty close to pushing the button on a stif morf now they’re back in stock. Choosing over the p7 cos I ve got a 130mm rev ready to use.

    I’m in a quandary over sizing.

    I’m just under 5’7 currently ride a trans am with a 417 reach and a 50 stem. So 467 reach. Ridden a new soul with a total reach of 475 (425 +50 ) and felt comfortable.

    Stifs site puts me on a small (reach 425 ) but they reccomend a 35mm stem which makes a shorter bike than I currently have. THeir medium (435) with either a 35 or 40 stem will only be a little longer than what I’ve currently got (although the wheelbase is longer because of the head angle)

    The orange p7 has almost identical geometry and their sizing puts me firmly on a medium (which is 6mm longer still)

    So do I go with the smaller stif and keep a 50 stem or go with a shorter stem on the medium? Bike is not gonna be used for dirt jumping just general wintertime hooning around.


    Premier Icon chestrockwell
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    I’d go medium with the stem they recommend.

    I have just got a large P7 and it’s comparable for fit to my XL Segment.

    Premier Icon plumslikerocks
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    Don’t you need to think about bar width as part of your overall reach calculation, too?

    Premier Icon nuke
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    Worth considering seattube length between different sizes if wanting to run a dropper…50mm difference between short & medium.

    Personally I’d put you on the short. I fancy a morf myself and I know if I had the medium, I couldn’t run my 125mm dropper as it wouldn’t insert far enough not to be too high when fully extended

    : Edit: 😀

    Premier Icon dumbbot
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    50mm=5cm difference ya mean. 😀

    And im 5’8 and would struggle to get my 125mm dropper in on the medium, my current next gen Slackline(16.5″) the seat tube is 414mm, and just about get away with it.

    I’d be going short if i were you/.

    Premier Icon ceepers
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    I’m going to use the same bars so I’ve discounted that as a factor (buying frame only)

    Seat tube wise, the medium is 10mm longer than the trans am and the dropper that’s porting over has over 1 cm showing below the collar on the trans am so had factored that out too!

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    5’9″ with a medium, was bought as full bike,and is stock apart from the saddle, for me it was perfect when i rode one before buying.As said above the 800mm bars affect reach,Think a medium would be fine, great bike, flatters and shows my lack of skill in equal proportions.

    Premier Icon wl
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    I’m 5′ 10″ and ride a medium P7 with a 35mm stem and 770mm bars. Feels amazing – suits me fine. I’m right on the cusp of medium and large in Oranges, but always opt for medium. Works well for me.

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