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  • dandan


    I have the latest p7, no matter how much I tighten the seat post clamp the seat post will slide down, cracking bike but this is pissing me off.

    Does anyone know how I can correct this?

    Premier Icon smoothchicken

    Try some carbon fibre assembly gel that's designed to hold carbon parts in place without crushing them, works a treat on my seatpost, suspect it'll work on alloy posts just as well.



    do you have the seat collar the corrcet way round? i.e. do the gaps line up

    silly i know but it happens


    what trailmoggy said ^
    also no grease on the post?
    correct seatpost size?


    Yes I do. Will have a look at that gel but didn't wana spend any money 🙂


    It is the post that came with the bike, I cleaned all the grease from it today, will be riding it tomorrow hopefully it will not slip.


    Grease the thread on your QR bolt, it will tighten better. Worked for me when I had a Soul.

    i've got a 2 year old P7 and my post also slips down no matter how hard i tighten it so you're not alone at being totally pee'd off with it. hope you get it sorted mate


    Ditto – I'm sure they ream them oversized. I checked the USE shim on my '03 P7 yesterday and it's cracked where it's been stressed too much to stop it slipping – I'm gonna see if I can get one the next size up to compensate. I've previously knackered a seatpost QR for the same reason – needed to be so tight that the nylon washer under the qr cam bust 🙁

    FWIW, there was a similar thread a few weeks ago…

    It's the only frame I've had which has been anything like as bad as this.

    Ditto with mine. The Orange post always slipped but my Nukeproof one is much better, perhaps its a 'big' 27.2mm. Am using a Hope QR but keep it greased for max clamping.


    This is a common problem with the P7. I swapped the OEM orange post on mine for a race face one, and it stopped the slipping. I now run the OEM orange post on my Cotic without any problems, so can only assume the problem is caused by the shim in the orange. Carbon assembly paste apparently does the trick too.


    I had the same ANNOYING problem on my P7, but here's THE solution.

    CHANGE YOUR CLAMP, I use a Hope QR

    50% carbon fibre assembly gel, 50% general purpose bike grease
    Coat the post then wipe off the excess
    The 50/50 mix eliminates any creaking

    Job done 😀


    I had hope qr and thomson post on my 08 P7 Pro, never slipped and I'm a fat barsteward


    mine slipped, very annoying

    'Orange frame with problems shocker' 😉


    easton carbon post slips on my whyte e5. annoying as it's ruined the lacquer on the post. i daren't tighten any further!

    Premier Icon Dave E

    Is it 2010 frame without shim.
    Mine hasn't moved using hope clamp and cheap post. 😕

    Premier Icon mccann.ben

    I have had this problem over the last two weeks.
    I spoke to orange earlier in the week.
    Common mistake is to greese the post (which I did!)
    If grease gets between the shim and frame you are screwed.
    My LBS reccomended getting rid of the shim so have a 29.8mm Thomson on order.
    Make sure you get rid of as much Grease as possible.

    I wonder if this is one reason why the 2010 frames do not have a shim?


    I found that without carbon assembly gel you overtighten and without a bit of grease it still creaks

    Agree that grease alone doesnt work and don't put anything between frame and shim. Haven't tried a bigger post without the shim tho

    Premier Icon billyboy

    Had the same with a Ti456 and a Thomson post and I busted a Hope QR seat clamp. I removed the grease and it hasn't slipped since. BUT I'm going to try and make sure I take it out regularly because I don't want it siezing.

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