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    Here's my latest tale of maintenance woe.

    I've got a 2005 model Orange 5, her name's Victoria and she's lovely. However, she's gotten a bit tight around the seatpost area over the last few years. Now I appreciate that this is rather unusual, if anything, you'd expect her to get a bit slack and baggy as time goes by, but that's just not been the case.

    So now it's gotten to the stage where I'm really struggling to stick my seatpost in. I'm not boasting or exaggerating when I say it recently took three of us, banging and thrusting as hard as we could to stick my post in as deep as it'd go 🙄 and before you ask, yes I was using quite a lot of lubricant.

    The seat tube is shimmed down to fit a 27.2mm seatpost, and I'm thinking that the aluminium shim may have bonded to the steel seat tube and has somehow constricted the seat tube. I noticed that chainreaction have a 27.0mm seatpost in stock and was going to give this a try. What say you, is 0.2mm of a difference going to be too much?

    Cheers or any advice.

    B. 🙂

    p.s. The shim is in there for good, I've tried to shift it and it's just not gonna happen.

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