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  • P7 Fork recommendation please.
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    I set mine up with a set of RS Revs dual air, 140mm. After trying a bike out at cycle surgery running at 120mm and everything seemed ok, so i thought an extra 20mm wouldn't be an issue!

    I thought wrong, the bike is just far too big for me, so im currently getting the forks lowered down to 125mm, which should be perfect for me.

    Its worth popping to an Orange stockist and try some different fork travels etc until you find the one which is right for you.


    What forks are people running on their P7's ? I'm thinking of 140mm and adjustable. Any good deals around on recommended forks, no silly prices (>400 pounds). Cheers.


    recon's set at 130mm travel. Feel just right, other than they are quite old and bushes are getting a bit loose. I was thinking of going for 140 revs at some point. Its what the frames designed for.

    TBH I doubt I would use any adjustment, but thats just me, I very rarely lock my recon's out as i always forget to open them back up


    I don't "miss" anything using Van R's, and I don't really tend to fiddle with the rebound either, pretty much fit and forget 😀

    + 1 for Van R's. On my One – love 'em.


    Pike U turn 454s. Absolutely fantastic. Run them at 140mm for alpine singletrack, squished down to 110mm for UK riding. Can't fault them

    Pikes uturn coil on my from new, run them at 120 mainly and then turn the up for decending.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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