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  • Own build or not?
  • A James

    Right, saved my penies. Gona get a patriot, am quite capable of building it myself. Looked at frame only price, is it worth building it myself or do I go for one of the peg? Don’t want extra cool spec but would look to keep it light. Show me your own build patriots with price if you have one.


    The majority of own builds will be more expensive than buying off the peg. But atleast you get to choose your own components


    If you like the spec as a full build, buy it complete, you can always sell anything you don’t like anyway.

    A James

    Yea you sort of answered my question as I expected. It was the frame only price that surprised me and got me thinking I couldn’t spec it for the peg price…


    My own builds have been using 2nd hand bits to bring them in “cheap”. Wouldn’t build 100% new unless I found some bargain wheels and forks.

    Premier Icon Mugboo

    Buy as much as you can second hand.

    Or buy a donor bike and do some selling.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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