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  • overtime, what are your weekends worth to you?
  • ok not looking to start a how much do you earn, my balls are bigger than your balls thread.

    I work 50 hrs a week and i can now, after years of one in five compulsory weekends, work weekends if i want to.
    1-6pm sat and sun.
    Thing is i’ve got this ‘deal’ with the tax man et al, they get half and i get half.

    Now i know i’m lucky to have a job that pays well and.. 50% of something is better than 100% of nout, but i find myself thinking that after a weeks work, weekends away from family and bike are worth more to me than that.

    To nick a phrase from “affluenza” does anyone else choose “being over having”
    Anyone gone for the time rather than the cash?

    Just interested.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Is there a club where you have to go?

    Premier Icon Drac

    I work shifts so work weekends often, as for overtime I rarely work it because I like my time off and it keeps my tax level safe.

    Premier Icon BigEaredBiker

    I hate overtime but there is always plenty going where I’m working. I rarely do it but it’s nice to know its there when a holiday is looming!

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Working weekends – are you mad? Four days (compressed hours) is enough for me thankyou very much. Aaaah the joys of working in the public sector 😉

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    When I was young and single, I’d work every scrap of overtime I could, as I could fit in sports and socialising and occassional dalliances with young ladies around it.

    It meant I was able to stretch to buy my first house when I was 21, and had decent cars, when my mates were just graduating and had nothing. (OK, so I lost all my own equity in the mid-90s house crash but, hey….)

    Now, I’m older, and my evenings and weekends are full of things like being a husband, father, handyman, gardener, and occassional bike rider. We don’t need the money, so even if it was available, I certainly wouldn’t do it regularly.

    I work my minimum hours and try and have as much time off as I can.

    If you have a family to support then fair enough if you need to work more, but if you have a chance of time off work, take it.

    When Im old and dying, I would like to look back and remember all of fun I had doing stuff in my spare time rather than the time I spent in work earning more money so I could buy an expensive car or big TV

    nickc, you mean like where you go and you stand on your own and you cry and you want to die?

    Premier Icon aracer

    If you’re earning enough that the taxman gets half, then why on earth do you need to ask? What exactly can you buy that makes up for the time you lose?

    Premier Icon nickc


    Choose time over cash a few years ago, now got to the happy stage where our business (telemarketing) more or less provides both.


    Bit of a bone of contention for me at the moment. I really dont want to work the hours that I do already! yet alone work saturday mornings, they are for biking!
    Cash wise I can live without OT, plus I dont want to go to mad at it as it might rob me of my tax credits next year! Its a fine balance to walk!


    Depends, If working one a month means you can then afford to ride on all the others then go for it, but if you can afford to ride anyway then don’t work. No point having money if you’re in work all the time.

    Unless it means you can take a holiday somewhere nice. In your mind you need to ask will the money from losing the weekend make my life better on the whole or not?

    Premier Icon jam bo

    I’m salaried. I work the hours I need too to get my job done.

    It’s rare that I have to work the weekend but if I have to then I do

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    I won’t work the weekends anymore..

    Did enough of that during my time in the Army..

    And earn more than enough during the week…


    Don’t have to work Sundays, but they pay for nice shiney new bike bits! Nearly always have my long weekends off (1 weekend in 4) but can end up on lates or nights the other friday/saturdays :o(
    Seem to be getting plenty of time off in the week so plenty of riding time to be had! :o)


    If I was desperate for money I would work weekends but not any more – family/me time is way too precious.

    Now i know i’m lucky to have a job that pays well sorry but if you have to work weekends it can’t pay that well.


    When you’re 80, will you look back and say “I wish I’d worked longer hours”??


    work about 30 hours a week and never work weekends,

    I work offshore, so two weeks on and two weeks off currently, and i have to be dragged kicking and screaming to courses and the like in my own time. Do my job solely for the time off.


    Occasionaly do a 50 hr week, but its balanced with a very flexible employer and boss and could easily do a 30hr one if needed and not take leave.


    I used to do a lot of private work a few years ago and spent my evenings talking to clients and working on autocad til about midnight and then up at 6 to go to work. Sunday mornings were riding days and saturdays were more privat work. It took a while for me to realise that lifes too short to save and save and I would rather enjoy myself. Sometimes you just need some cash and sometime you just want some time. If you’ve got the opportunity to vary it it’s definaetly worth doing at times


    These days i never work more than my contracted 42.5 hours, and would change jobs before i worked a Sunday. Its not always been that way but you really have to have some balance in there.

    Premier Icon beej

    It depends on your situation – I’m now comfortable with what I earn, pays bills and allows bikes to be bought when I need them. I’ve got over the newer/faster car thing, and our “new” TV is 5 years old and we got it free off friends who’d bought a big flat screen one. So for me, I value my time way more than the money – to make a real difference to my lifestyle I’d have to earn double.

    Best thing about my job is that it’s 5 mins from home, and while I work the hours needed to get the job done it’s rarely more than 40 a week, and even more rarely a couple at weekends.

    From what you’ve described, keep the saturdays for riding, unless you really really need the money.


    I do about 40 hours a month overtime (yup thats 5 week months). that said, with our overtime rates and inncentives and a wedding and new house to pay for it’d be rude not to. I’ve cained it over the last few months of crap weather and the reward is in the new bike I just bought.

    I’m having a month off at the moment, but will be back trying to do 20 hours a month from now on (back at uni part time from feb).

    Being as I work weekends anyway as part of my rota, that means nothing tome, though I only work ovetime as part of my shifts (I.E adding another shift to a block of 6 etc)


    I work every saturday and sunday and have days off in the week. It used to piss me off but you kind of get used to it after 12yrs. The worst thing about this is that nearly everybody else i know has the wekend off so i miss out on a lot of stuff but because i do most my riding in the week the trails are always pretty empty which is nice. My job is also seasonal so although its really busy at in the summer and xmas time the rest of the year is pretty quiet so i work as little as possible 😀

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