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  • Overlanding
  • lesgrandepotato
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    So I bought a Jeep. Thinking about a summer adventure. Getting the ferry to Iceland via the Faroe isles. Any advice? Idea on costs?
    Would chuck the roof tent on and camp as well as B&B it. Nothing to wild but a self guided exploration… maybe 2-3 weeks

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    HUBB is usually a good starting place, and good for wasting hours daydreaming

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    We never did it in our Overlander Defender. I’d read plenty about it but we never got round to it. Summer months are not too hardcore – river crossings are lower but do some research, you might need a snorkel/raised breathers.

    Otherwise I’m book marking this!

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    First thing is, do it, you won’t regret it. Few things to consider, is it cheaper renting an overlander rather than prepare your own vehicle.

    I have a Defender 130, and preparing any vehicle for multi day trips where there is going to be off-road driving involved takes careful planning.

    It’s very easy to chuck money at your car/truck and not use any of the expensive add on’s that people insist you must have. Examples, you don’t need a winch if you have a shovel and a high-lift jack, even in the deserts of North Africa (some Max Trax are very useful though), you do not need multiple jerry cans or a fuel tank extender if you have planned to never be more than 200 miles from a fuel stop, same goes for excessive water storage.

    Contentious one, you don’t need a roof rack! Why not use a ground tent, storing kit on the roof adds weight in the wrong place, plus it is poor for your fuel economy.

    Iceland involves water crossings, so a raised air intake with extended axle breather pipes is a must, even more of a must is learn to drive the ruddy thing…plenty of UK courses available that allow you to use your own vehicle.

    I could go on and on, but plan carefully and scratch off most of the kit you think you need.
    Drop me a message and I can expand some more on the above.

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    Assuming you’re UK based, the last time I checked, the Scotland-Iceland ferry (via Lerwick & FI from memory) had stopped running. I think you had to sail from Norway, which given the Hull / Stavanger / Bergen ferry had also stopped running was a pain. – We looked at sticking the vehicle in a shipping container and flying to meet it, up but gave up in the end. Good luck, its a great country.

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    You aren’t allowed to drive off the “highway” in Iceland, so any terrain is going to be pretty tame APART from the river crossings…..

    We went in 2013 (regular trip) and always fancied exploring more inland. For a while I considered getting a cheap 4×4 and fitting a lift kit, big wheels and snorkels and then drive Hull – Rotterdam and then up through Denmark for the ferry.

    Now everything just feels too expensive, and I’m struggling to reconcile the ecology of having a plaything motor vehicle.

    My biggest practical concern was getting into difficulty in a river (breaking a driveshaft or something due to the stresses from bigger wheels etc). I bought an Icelandic 4×4 guide book but generally it seems recommended to travel in a group so you could self rescue.

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    Not really looking for tricky driving stuff and given the location we live in a 4wd is the only practical answer if you want to get in and out all year.

    We discounted iceland as being to expensive previously when we needed to hire all the stuff. We’ve got the Jeep, we have the camp gear and we have a roof tent off the VeeDub. It could be a great adventure without going full ray mears

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    In the other direction to Iceland but my Dad’s last trip was a big overland trip down through Africa. Very much a see what happens along the way kind of trip with a battered old Toyota. He wrote up the trip with lots of tips and pitfalls for would be DIY adventurers if that is of any interest:

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    Totally different idea – We drove our Discovery to Morocco in 2006.
    Ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao, Drive top of Spain to the bottom – Ferry from Algeciras to Ceuta and away you go..

    Fantastic country – well set up for 4×4 stuff – cheap as chips once you’re there.

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    I think the only ferry route is from Hirtshals in Denmark to Iceland via Faro islands, it’s a 2 day crossing, I was quoted €9500 ish return for a Sprinter last summer. The job didn’t happen in the end unfortunately.

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    We were thinking about taking our van over for a few months until we looked into it.

    Idea on costs?


    The ferry costs lots.

    Food and drink costs lots.

    Camping costs lots.

    A friend of a friend was planning a trip. I think I lost interest when he told me how much the ferry cost.

    You’re only allowed to travel on the roads/tracks.

    You’re not allowed to wild camp, only in specified locations.

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