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  • Outstanding invoice payment advice please
  • Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Its only a few hunderd quid but its FIVE months overdue. work done, information delivered (by hand at a meeting) no issues raised…

    Its my ex employer (left to set up on my own) and the chap concerned is my replacement.

    Really I’m not at all bothered if I upset him as I can sit at home and not get paid and frankly, I’d rather do that anyway than work and not get paid.

    any advice on next step.

    Invoiced in June, chased in November as they company can take 3 months or so to pay and I’ve been very busy. He emailed me back saying it was sorted. Well, still hasn’t been paid.

    Winding up order? threat of small claims court, or straight to bombers?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Can you not raise the unpaid invoice with his boss (i.e. I guess your old boss)?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    how big a company?

    if it has an accounts department then phone them direct and explain the situation – they’ll tell you if it’s been authorised for payment or not.

    if it’s small then escalate it.


    Turn up at companies reception area, and tell anyone coming youre there to pick up paymernt for the work youve done months ago, also have it printed big on a4 and place on a clip board, and show it to everyone as you chat.

    Worked for me.

    You may well be asked to leave, but you can stand outside on the street advising people.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Send them an invoice for interest on the debt and advice them that you’ll be taking them to court unless they pay within 7 days. They’ll just move you to top of the pile and not pay someone else…

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    After speaking to a pal who is also owed month (but from 9 months ago he went direct to the accounts dept. with his string of emails. He’s been paid now.

    I have followed a similar tactic by sending my copy invoice and email string to accounts but have copied the bloke in (who is responsible for signing the invoice off) as well as his boss and bosses boss.

    Its a big company BTW. FTSE 100 stuff.

    Interest on non payment invoice next but I suspect I wont need to.

    Hopefully the feckless idiot who seems not to pay anybody won’t ask me to do more work. I wont have to say “No” then.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Citing and sending them a link to the 1988 Late Payments Act usually chivies them up.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Late payments interest is, unless you’ve agreed otherwise, is 8 per cent above base.


    I’ve been a debt-collector in the past.

    Ask for a payment date, if it’s over a week, explain that that’s unacceptable and that you want to escalate the matter.

    Are your terms of payment on your invoice?


    Get a debt collector in.

    If you haven’t got one, use this guy – http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-lewis/24/208/3b

    He’s recovered debts for me in the past and is VERY cost effective.

    Get the vulcan airborne asap.


    Send a final demand threatening legal action. Include copy of original invoice & details of your payment terms In most cases this should work, as the debtor will not want to risk a CCJ against them.

    If they don’t pay take legal. Using either a debt recovery solicitor or debt collector. You can add these costs to the overdue invoice.

    Recovering debt can turn out expensive. You need to way up wether it’s worth the expense. You might want to pursue the debt out of principal and show the debtor you don’t appreciate being messed around.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Get the vulcan airborne asap.


    sod the payment, I’d be happy to loose it to see that happen.

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