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  • Outside bike storage. Not a shed…
  • Moving into a rented place in a few weeks, no garage or shed. Landlord won’t allow me to put a wooden shed in the garden, but there is a patio with room for some sort of bike storage. Can’t put the bike in the house either. So options? Not looking at spending more than £300 and easily put together by a hamfisted chimp (me) 1 bike only with a few tools etc..(large fatbike)


    in the house in a bikebag, with wheels off? In the back garden locked to a bucket of concrete as a ground anchor, with a rain cover over the top?

    Would rather not. Space inside is tight already.


    Sounds like you are asking for a name to call small shed?

    Buy a small shed and call it a non permanent bike storage container or Bob if you prefer.


    Maybe depends on landlord but Try eBay, gumtree, rsbook Market place etc for a sh Asgard bike shed, I’ve been monitoring for extra storage at tennis club,you can get what seems like a minty 3 bike store for not much over 300, could concrete load to avoid bolting to anything

    Are there any solid chain/shackle points as the cheapie version would be a big bag with bike bolted to something

    Fiamma motorhome bike cover etc or a motorbike cover for durability and size

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    We store stock in one of these behind our shop. Never leaked or had a hint of condensation.

    A lot sturdier than the ones you’ll see in the garden centre.

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    Local storage place?

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