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    One of my email accounts isn’t sending when using Outlook. The mails go into the Sent folder but they never arrive.

    The other accounts in Outlook are OK.

    The problem account works fine when accessed on line.

    Any ideas?


    I’m assuming not on Exchange? I.e. From your ISP, Google, Hotmail etc?

    Are you receiving email from that account OK?

    If so, I’d start by checking the SMTP server settings and access credential are correct.

    If not, also check the POP3 settings.


    Remove the account in the control panel mail app then add it again. Make sure Outlook is closed.


    If they’re definitely in your Sent Items rather than Outbox it would indicate that they’ve left Outlook succesfully, how many different email addresses have you sent a test to and is this SMTP mail?

    If you also have Outlook Web App or webmail for the same account then repeat the test to rule out any Outlook problems.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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