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  • outdoor theatre Cambridge?
  • we are going to a performance at St Johns college next weekend!

    first timers,…anyone been and know if there are seats put out or you have to sit on your posterior on a rug?

    i thank you…

    Premier Icon eviljoe

    It really depends- doesn’t the company presenting give you any details? I would come prepared for any eventuality- wind, rain, sunstroke etc and bring your own cushion, in case it is a long one.

    Theatre is best outdoors imho, but then again it is my business, so I would say that… Let us know what you think after, always interesting to hear the experiences of first timers. Enjoy!

    will do, thanks.

    It’s not on the frequently asked questions list….i’m beginning to assume there are more than likely seats provided.

    cushion, great idea.

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