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  • Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    I am in need of some outdoor bike storage to keep (at least) a large 29er in. Bonus if I could get any more smaller bikes in too.

    Any recommendations? I guess a wooden shed would do but is there anything that’s more specifically designed for bikes?


    I have the standard bike shed from b and q . It took a couple of hours to assemble and holds two mountain bikes and a child seat and a spare set of wheels it has lasted three years and is going strong it has no floor so an enterprising thief could simply lift it up to extract the bikes but no one ever has to mine . Cost about 90 quid .


    I’m hopefully getting one of these in the new year:


    They seem costly but when your bike costs about 3 times this, possibly more security shouldn’t be over looked, they seem to get really good reviews and are solidly made, worth the money if you ask me.


    Those B&Q bike storage sheds are pretty good but do find a way to anchor the bike to the ground. Maybe fill a big bucket with concrete with a thick chain sticking out the top and bury it under the shed? It would take half an hour not counting setting time, cost about £10 and deter most thieves, though in my experience if they want your bike enough and have time and access, they are going to get it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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