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  • Out of the bubble.
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    I’m sat in departures at Gatwick, and near me are a small group of roadies on the way out to some event, there are billions of them here at the airport this morning. Reasonably well spoken, some techie types, a lawyer, some tradies. My own prejudice, seeing them as fellow travellers on two wheels, I expected them to be liberal centrists with a healthy skeptikal attitude to the the current bullshit we are experiencing.

    Their discussion is peppered with:

    “Our heritage is being diluted”

    “All the blacks coming in from Africa, its wrong”

    “I admire Putin, he has played a blinder”

    “I can’t wait for brexit, when all this will be fixed”

    “Hey are you doing that race in Italy Sept 2019?”

    I realized that I rarely step out if my bubble, my colleagues at work are a multicultural bunch, our suppliers and contractors at work are made up of many nationalities, all seem to be very welcoming to all, especially as our clients are a mix of European, Arab, Far East.

    I have obviously been deluded in my bubble. It is very depressing. Stop the world, I want  to get off..

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    Yes, I get the same. Being younger, working in charities, living in a multicultural part of Edinburgh right near the uni.

    I’ve been on the wrong side of pretty much every vote in the last 10 years.

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