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  • druidh

    Alcohol is a preservative. I still have a bottle of Russian Stout somewhere which has a “not be drunk before” date on it of 10 years after manufacture.

    It might kill you to death .

    What is it small pack ( Bottle / can ) or draught in a bag-in-box type thing?

    Best way is to smell it and access for acetic acid ( vinigar )

    How has it been stored? Cold , darl place out of sunlight , or on a warm shelf ?

    Over fizzyness or gushing on pouring might mean somethings wrong with it, as will a haze or cloudy beer .


    Errm – box of real ale?

    Use your nose

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    Nose is king

    captain slow

    try it and let us know what happens


    its a like a mini plastic cask of about 20 pints.. in a box!
    its just been stored on a room temperature shelf not in direct sunlight but not dark either.
    it doesnt really smell much and isnt fizzy so, as long as its nog going to give me the shits i’ll give it a go.

    If its been unopened it wont kill you . beer cannot support pathogens anyhoo ( ph and alcohol content )
    It might give you the sh1ts , but if it tastes good and has no ‘off’ smell then it should be ok .
    If you get another try storing it cooler. Not too cold but 9 – 11’C is perfect.

    Or just get stuck in and drink it before the BB date.


    thanks, i acquired it from a friend, who now wont drink it as out of date, i’ve been drinking it though, but missus now wants to chuck it as out of date.

    will give it the sniff test again later before proceeding and will report back any side effects! i really dont want my missus to say, I TOLD YOU SO


    Do they just taste a bit flat or can they make you ill?

    Dunno. But I’m just about to take some cider I made last year to a neighbour’s bbq, so I guess I’ll soon find out 😀


    I have a box of real ale and it has a date stamped on it of the 29th May.
    Doesnt say “use by” or “best before.”

    Are out of date ales ok to drink?

    Do they just taste a bit flat or can they make you ill?


    Um, its only 7 days out of date?! It’ll be fine! 3 months out of date and I’d be a little suspicious…


    3 months and you would worry? FFS 3 decades and it would be worth a try.
    These dates are an invention of a legalminded euroworry society. My home made ale has no date. Drink the bloody stuff or give it to some one who will. Me

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    Did well from the “use by” dates on loads of veg today.

    Big bunches of Spring Onions
    1kg bags Jersey Royal new potato’s
    2x Avocado’s
    Big bags of rocket
    huge bundles of Asparagus

    All for 20p each 😀


    It will be the end of the world if you drink that.


    Jesus, stop worrying, it will be fine for months yet.

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