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    lack of adrenaline = more (immediate) pain

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    “I wonder what would happen if I took one of my hands off the bars?”.Broken ribs, is what. Thanks brain.

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    I had a similar “can I ride this rocky DH bit one-handed whilst I launch a quick snot-rocket” moment recently, turns out I couldn’t 🙁

    I had an epic fail on my commute home yesterday. STUPIDLY jumped up a kerb OUT of the cycle path to move out of the way of a mother and child…back wheel decided it didnt want to follow…next thing I know Im sliding down the path with the bike on top of me. 😳

    In all fairness, the woman did briefly turn around..then carry on walking without any concern in the world (I was fine…but it wouldnt have hurt to ask!). Sadly broke my rear V brake in the process somehow, but that’s no bad thing when I’m just considering ordering some XT discs.. 😀


    stopping at the top of south head

    then trying to set off again but managing to lose balance and crack my kneecap on a huge boulder

    limping for a week 😕

    Premier Icon TP

    I stuck my foot out to stabilise myself as I stalled coming out of a bomb hole in May and twisted it. Still having physio now. I’m told I might be running again by Christmas. I was hardly moving.


    Northwind – Member
    “I wonder what would happen if I took one of my hands off the bars?”.Broken ribs, is what. Thanks brain.

    that made i laugh 😉


    Going about 2 miles an hour talking to my mate behind me I hit a tree root and the the bike decided it didnt want to roll over, stopped the bike dead jn its tracks with me going into death grip mode to save an OTB – cue my body jolting forward leaving my arms still straight and gripping onto the bars
    Off bike on floor rolling around like a mardy baby
    Upshot was a frozen shoulder on my left and tennis elbow on my right
    Its been a few months now but still have to dress in a one armed way, cant put my left arm up to put deodorant on and cant hold a brew in my right hand ( or anything over a lb for that matter)
    The root was about 2 inches high !!
    Mates got it on his Go Pro too, one day Ill MTFU and stick it up for you all to take the pith 😳

    Waits for the “should have got a 29er ” gang


    Back in the day when I commuted across London, I once had a slow-mo OTB crash from going over a kerb.
    I say ‘over’ a kerb, I mean dropping off a regular-sized kerb, on a hardtail. I have no idea how it happened.

    I also slipped a chain on my Rohloff riding home one night, going at full pelt, and ended up sliding down the road on my back.


    Mine was a OTB on the usual daily commute

    Canal path went round a large puddle hit an embeded building brick (in the canal path) side on and OTB I went.
    13 1/2 stone of me clattering into a hard Canal tow path god it hurt never felt like that when I was 12 LOL. Spent 3 – 4 mins lying there getting my brain in gear picked myself up then another 5 mins recovery before even touching the bike.

    Worked that day went to the Docs that evening “were you wearing a helmet?” yes “ok it will get worse before it get better, even if you had a boken rib which I don’t think you have, we don’t do anything these days”

    “cheers doc will I be ok for work”

    “fine go in tomorrow” WTF had following day off feeling like I’d done 10 rounds with Tyson. 😯

    Van Halen

    there i was happily spinning away enjoying the sunshine and blammo! i clipped something on the road resulting in me using my chin and forearm as brakes.

    suffering some widedspread skinloss on my arm which seriously smarts.

    last time i crashed commuting i clipped a bush and went OTB nailing myself good and proper. Amazingly i didnt break myself but seriously thught i had.

    i`ve had some very good crashes riding off road doing some very stupid things but normally they dont seem to hurt as much? its odd.

    anyone else with any good tales to regale along the same lines?

    CyB: just finished a big rocky section and on to an easy bit. Looked back to congratulate myself on the achievement in clearing it, front tyre washed out on the most insignificant rock, I went over the bars, down a ditch and the bike landed on top of me. Hurt like Billy O but as it was near the cafe I had to pretend otherwise, as you do. Or I do. Scars on face and ankle now. Twonk 😕


    Rogate DH on Weds.

    Went down the DD Line; dropped in, round the corner over the big drop & into the gully, round the berm, round the corner at speed, over the next big drop, cleared the 3 sets of little doubles, jumped onto the step-up tabletop, cleared the last tabletop.

    At the end of the run, in the braking zone, slowly braking & for no reason went otb.

    Doc reckons I’ve sprained tendon in wrist. Can barely move hand. Agony. Stupid accident.

    Van Halen

    cheers chaps. makes me feel better.

    the lads in the office have had a good laugh at my expense.

    i also once managed to go OTB from a standing start. unknowingly the front wheel was up against a small stump/root i leant forward stamped ont eh pedal and pirouetted gracefully around the front wheel into a heap with all the guys stood looking at me very confused.


    Inadvertent Brompton manual fail = skinned knuckles.


    I was happily riding my old wrecker bike to the pub a couple of summers ago, I was out of the saddle going up hill and the stupid old crappy Sturmy Archer gears slipped which resulted in me slipping off the pedal and toe punting the road . . .in flip flops.

    Result – 1 x broken big toe, the skin on top of all of my toes missing, a fair amount of bad language and an unholy amount of pain.

    Oh and Van Halen – I’ve done the stationary OTB move too. My ‘friends’ still find it amusing now.


    I remember sturmeys doing that quite regularly usually ended up with bruised nuts on the quill stem back int day

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    Flat bit of gravel road with tiny bomb holes 500 meters from home = superman to gravel

    Still it got a floating bit of bone out of my elbow that was there from a crash in the Lakes

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Following a guy on a cycle path on the commute last week and he goes flat on his arse around a shallow bend. Stop to see if he’s OK and he says his front wheel went over a flattened ale can and it skidded away and took the bike from under him (it was raining heavily). That’s something to watch out for I mused to myself.

    Literally the next day I come back from a night ride in heavy rain, drop down off a kerb onto the road and plant the front wheel onto a flattened ale can 😳 Stacked the bike in a heap and bashed me elbow.


    Riding one of those sit-up-and-beg bikes in belgium along a loverly smooth cycle route at about 5mph chatting away. We get to a small patch with a broken surface, chap in front slows a little, I brake, but as the brakes are the opposite way round I pull the front too hard and lock up, the wheel goes sideways, collapses and i go OTB.

    1 x broken elbow, 1 x mahoosive bruise on thigh where (I presume) the handle bar hit.

    The weekend before I’d completed coast to coast without a single incident.

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Stupid crash: Looking up at soaring buzzard in a clear blue sky on a sunny day on the moors, rode into one of those big clumps of grass, stopped very quickly, couldn’t unclip (?), fell over and somehow landed on my back.

    Didn’t break me, but busted my camera 🙁


    Came off on the dd line at rogate today. Never mind, hurty knee, arm and rib. I nailed the mainline though. Oo get me. Yup, dumb crashes that you just dump you in a heap on the ground are the worst.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Sticking freehub + me putting power down on a bike with dual crown forks = knee/crown interface plus just limply falling off into a field. Most painful crash ever!

    Got lost in fields and ended up with angry bull chasing me out of his field. Hopped over gate, got on bike, composed myself, set off in to a deep tyre track and went OTB. Only the bull could see me and I still felt like a tool. Bull karma.


    Not riding but skiing. Was attempting to turn at very low speed on a pretty flat section. I fell over and sprained my ankle. Fast forward 5 months and I find out its a broken leg and I need an operation to fix it! 3 1/2 months later and I can just about ride again.

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    This has made my morning. I had a similar crash en route home the other day. Fresh rain and as I came off a roundabout the bike slides. I compensate. Slides other way… into the kerb and I hit the ground like a sack of spuds.

    Premier Icon turboferret

    Did a little drop-off at low speed a couple of weeks ago, ground was softer than I anticipated, front wheel dug in and chest made contact with stem. One broken rib later and the vast majority of things are incredibly painful 🙁

    Cheers, Rich

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