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    Still have a pair of these in the shed – Mid ’90s Duracell lights. I had 2 on the front! Massive and very little output:

    Edit: I’m pushing it a bit by calling these ‘Tech’

    Edit 2: Just looked back on thread and saw a game gear – got one of those too, in the loft, with a bag load of games….


    Technics sl-1200 (Original MK1, 1973, Servo not Quartz), + Stanton 881s, + Infinity Black Widow.

    It has two prizes

    And a respectable blind test vs Rega Planar 3:

    “Simply put, the Technics SL-120 walked all over the other two turntables. “It’s just better balanced in every way,” one panelist said. The SL-120’s best attribute was its bass, which was much fuller, more tuneful and more precise than the other turntables could muster. The difference wasn’t subtle; I could hear it even from behind the speakers. But it wasn’t just the bass-the SL-120 also had a warmer, more natural tonal balance than the other turntables. Of the six listeners, five picked the SL-120 as their clear favorite”


Viewing 3 posts - 121 through 123 (of 123 total)

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