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  • So what other interests or sports do people have apart from Mountain biking. I’m after trying something different. At the moment it’s a toss up between getting a road bike or starting playing golf again.
    Also how do your split your days off between hobbies.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Rugby. Watching, coaching, reffing. Seems to be taking over from the MTBing though… I blame it on the weather.


    Photography, but not done much recently due to mountain biking taking priority- how could it not with all this mud and rain 😆


    starting playing golf again

    You have got to be kidding? killing kittens would be better than playing golf

    Premier Icon kcal

    curling (winter). gardening (!) (spring/summer/autumn).

    Premier Icon DezB

    killing kittens would be better than playing golf

    +1 🙂

    Ho hum

    kcal – Member

    curling (winter). gardening (!) (spring/summer/autumn).

    I really enjoy gardening as well. There’s something very therapeutic about it.

    Premier Icon chrisdw

    Climbing, WW kayaking, WW raft guiding, power kiting, snowboarding. Snow kiting?

    Anything but golf… Spoils a good walk!


    Gardening urgh. It is guaranteed to give me back problems. So bad is it, that Mrs S has banned me from doing anything digging related, or anything that involves prolonged bending down such as weeding, planting up.

    I get to play with power tools (mower, hedge trimmers etc) and a rake! Somehow a rake doesn’t play havoc with my back. Oh yes, and I can prune trees too (as long as I am firmly planted on the ground)!

    Premier Icon uphillcursing

    Was primaraly a windsufer till about three years ago. Used to fly slope soarers too as a secondary.
    About this time i started getting frustrated at the usual sub optimal conditions and hitting a massive plateu because of this. As an aside I also started getting shoulder pain.
    BMX had been my thing till Beer and Birds and whilst I always had a bike i never actually got it out of the garage more than once or twice a year till then. As a good friend once said to me Windsurfing and Bikes are a good mix as one is bloody awfull in good conditions for the other.
    I think the gliders filled a need to tinker and create. I was always loathe to buy anything off the shelf. However, making a frame is the latest thing on my mind. I have a thread about it somewhere. Not forgotten, just waiting till I get time to put some thought into it.

    Take it Golfs out then. I did enjoy it, just not the cost. Just need something else to focus on, as I seem to choose something and obsess about it.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I barely ride bikes any more bar commuting to work. Fitness wise I’ve got into Olympic Lifting over the last year, it’s like a cross between gymnastics and weight training, takes about 3 years to master the two lifts! Other than that, photography and endless DIY / gardening projects.


    more cycling.


    Climbing, hiking, baking, astronomy*, drawing & onanism. I’d like to get back into orienteering too.

    *a fairly recent development that one


    Running, tris, very occasional picture taking, drawing, films, reading (does that count?)

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    Running has taken over a bit from cycling this winter, and I’ve been getting much faster as a result – much nicer to run than cycle in the weather we’ve been having.

    Cycling will resume it’s rightful place once the weather improves though.


    Went to crossfit a week or so ago….. bloody hell. Went to a boxing gym for the first time yesterday – that was fun, but I suck at skipping.

    Otherwise: surfing followed by brunch


    Good weather gardening growing veg taking over my neighbours neglected garden.

    Bad weather making a mobile to go over my sons cot using Airfix and Revell world war 1 aircraft accurately made and detailed so far he has 7 models to it and I am about to start on an airco DH2 . Google that if you have the slightest interest in model planes.

    Also getting back into night rides .

    Premier Icon njee20

    Just need something else to focus on, as I seem to choose something and obsess about it.

    Why do you need something else? Ride more, get really good at it, put an obsessive personality to good use.

    For me, model railways.


    Play volleyball to a local league standard
    Play drums in a “band” with a few mates
    Have cameras and have take loads of pictures but that has fallen off over the past few months
    Enjoy birdwatching and general wildlife spotting when out and abouton foot or on bike


    i was talking to a friend about this the other day….

    GF says i go on a lot about bikes, but that is because that is my hobby here in Gerrmany.

    back in the UK i used to fly my kites (kiteboarding) three or four times a week and would ride perhaps once a week.

    living near the coast (lots of consistent wind) and having a large field behind the house meant that it was easy to grab my kite and board and get a massive adrenaline fix for a few hours. here in Bavaria there just isn’t enough wind often enough, and that coupled with a lack of suitable sites means i haven’t had the kites out for over a year.

    and there hasn’t been any snow this year to enable me to do this:


    I pretty much just waste all my money on this:



    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Flying rockets / pyros
    And (attempting) photography


    Climbing and biking for me. Gardening for a relaxing evening.

    I started Crossfit recently, brilliant fun and you really have to push yourself. Great community feeling like mountain biking!


    I started Crossfit recently

    I found the chin-ups particularly depressing 🙁

    Premier Icon kerbdog

    Ice hockey, photography,PC building..used to be quite into airsofting but haven’t played in two years now.


    snowboarding, climbing and killing kittens, ok, the occasional round with the father in law…
    But most recently super sprint tri’s, which are just fun !

    Mrs Toast

    Archery and video games.

    music (no, really???)
    plastic scale models (not airfix though, they’re often rubbish)
    R/C helicopters – haven’t done much flying recently, must get back into that
    brewing beer
    spin class at local gym 2-3 times a week

    Premier Icon Cougar

    I’m a lapsed hobbyist. Stuff I’ve done semi-regularly over the years are:

    Rock climbing,
    Power kiting,
    Model rocketry,
    Computer (console) games,
    Field archery,
    Wine making,
    R/c cars,
    Watching TV / movies / listening to music,

    Probably a bunch of other stuff I’ve forgotten.

    Premier Icon RobinL

    Climbing and caving ….

    used to windsurf but got fed up of waiting for the right conditions !

    apart from mountain biking (although at present i haven’t done any mountain biking for about a year 😳

    i also attempt to play guitar,play computer games.and also have a desire to save for an axial r/c jeep to try some rock crawling 🙂

    Premier Icon cheese@4p

    I have gone back to climbing after 10 years only MTBing
    Just indoor bouldering so far due to lack of partners for ropes
    The upper body has re-shaped it’s self quite nicely after a few hard months. Increased grip and core has helped me to haul away on the singlespeed.
    I have noted that cycling for years has made my lower body much less flexible for bouldering.
    Oh yes, regular hiking is good for weight loss


    Windsurfing…..looks like the optimal conditions thing does for us all in the end. The trouble is, as you improve you only want windier sessions. Whereas once I was glad to get out on the water, whatever the wind (freestyle on my old -poly- Fanatic 370 when there was no wind, Lightning World Cup Race when it was force 2 to 4), it got to the stage where I only wanted to sail my short boards and then it had to be my wave board plus big wind then alas, I got bored sitting on the beach when the wind didn’t blow…or rather blow enough. I gave up. My Sunset Slalom is still in the shed…..’just in case’ I really ought to just dump it.


    Wine here. Buying, drinking, collecting.

    Premier Icon paladin

    Got a boat. Catch fish, catch lobsters 😀


    Playing guitar
    MTB with my dad

    Premier Icon lunge

    Cooking – I spend a good amount of time trying out and playing with food flavours.
    Football – played semi-pro for a whole but now just play a but of sunday league.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Wildlife watching
    Watching too many property telly programmes,
    Sewing curtains/soft furnishings (job and hobby)
    Eating chocolate

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