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  • andyl

    no experience with a VW but that is normally just the clip between the glass and the mechanism. You may need to replace a clip along the back edge of the window too as they sometimes break (if it has one).

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    Could be the window glass has become detached from the mechanism. Strip the door card off and have a look. I’ve found seized cables that have snapped causing the window to drop. Window glass gets stuck in dried up corroded runners the mount for it then pulls off move the glass slightly and it drops.

    Mornin, for a while there has been a cliccking noise when trying to do the window up on my mk4 gti turbo. So tried to keep the wondow up at all times. Then the other day the window dropped into the frame.

    So do I need a regulator kit and a new motor? Or just clips and motor etc.




    You can either get the whole window regulator (basically the mechanism minus the motor) or a repair kit (the clips and wires etc and a bit more fiddly to replace) from VW. I think the whole regulator is about £85 and the repair kit £45, though could be wrong. You can just get the clips from Ebay and possibly motor factors for not a lot, but you have the time delay.
    best see http://uk-mkivs.net forums for loads of info on this and step by step guide to fixing it. Its easy enough, but some bits can be a little fiddly. I just used the clips from a VW repair kit as my wires were fine, though I did spray a little white grease on them to keep them smooth.


    Happened to mine. Rebuild kit from dealers if you’re fairly handy but its fiddly.


    Usually the plastic clip will have broken. I bodge these by drilling them out (or using a hot bar to melt a hole in them) and then secure with a soft washer and split pin. 100% fix, 100% reliable, no negatives.

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    Happened on my Elise, I just Araldited it back on to the mechanism.

    It was probably clipped originally, but it’s not going anywhere now!

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    Was the steel wiring in the mech that had gone on mine and probably some plastic too (Leon, but I think it’s a common VAG part?). Was well and truly fubared. Also had been clicking when doing the window up. The one day on vacation, it made a scrunching noise and the window dropped.

    Not cheap to get it fixed (€150 inc labour). Fault even logged on ECU too, but they didn’t clear that, so got an advisory when I took car in for next service (they cleared it and gave me the printout).

    b r

    My Passat’s cable went. Initially I bought the cable kit and to say it’s a PITA is an understatement and as it was another part had also given up the ghost. So bought the full door-card regulator (minus motor). Brand new for £33. Far easier and just works.

    Just saw the £150 labour charge! Its a 30 min job on a Passat…


    similar to tucker said, my touran one went, vw suggested an incredible price.
    stripped it down drilled it, tie wrapped it, rebuilt it. three years later still going strong!


    Had golf 4’s for the last 12 years and its happened to me twice. Usually it’s the plastic clips that have broken. Replace ’em with metal ones from fleabay.

    How to guide here:


    hope that helps?


    Yep. Happened to my Leon. Plastic clip had gone. May find the cable has also unwound. I wouldn’t bother trying to rewind as this is a right pain to sort. Got a new regulator from Euro Parts £60.42. Dead easy to fit, but killer to get the old one out. Suggest you get some window sucker pads to hold the window up whilst removing and refitting. Bit fiddly took appx 3 hrs. Oh and disconnect battery or take car for a run to charge battery back up.

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    Happened to mine years ago. As above, plastic clip snapped. Auto glass fixed it for approx £100


    Common on the Leon from the same era. Fairly easy DIY fix. Kit from the stealer.


    try your local GSF carparts they stock regulators nice easy fix less hassle than the dealer repair kit

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