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  • baa

    Saw them when they first played here, the same time as the first album,
    bleach. It was a joint headline tour with Mudhoney & Tad at the Electric
    Ballroom Camden iirc, and yes they wore f**king really good


    manchester academy 1991, dont remember much of it apart from almost dieing in the crush at the front and rapidly moving to the bar.
    Reading 1992 christ what a line up compared to the cack they serve up now!

    Premier Icon Jossie

    I saw em just after Teen Spirit/Nevermind came out at the Hummingbird in Birmingham. It was packed to the rafters and very, very good. saw them again about a year and a half later and they weren’t so good, probably down to the constant touring?


    Reading 92 too 🙂 and Rock City before. They were outstanding! Ah to have that liitle to worry about again

    Premier Icon smoothchicken

    Saw them at the Reading festival in ’92 I think, Kurt came on stage in a white dress sitting in a wheelchair, complete nutter but they were totally awesome!

    Anyone actually see them live? Was a massive fan in my teenage years, but was too young to see em live. Shame.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Leadmill in Sheffield, can’t remember the date but was definately circa ’92


    jealous quite alot…..


    I was gutted. I had tickets to the concert they had on as it turned out, two days after kc shot himself (or did he…). Really wish I’d taken the opportunity to see them before that.


    I was offered a free ticket to see them in Nottingham at rock city. I declined because I was “busy”.

    forlorn hope

    saw them at reading 91(with the mad mohicanned punk dancing on the stage)
    and a liitle while later at the astoria in london.

    Premier Icon DezB

    They played Portmouth Poly with Tad around the time of Bleach. I saw them all walk past my building in the afternoon, but didn’t go to the gig. Don’t miss many, but I regret missing that one.


    Reading 1992 also. Biggest crowd I’ve ever seen watching a band at Reading. Melody Maker hack Everett True was pushing the wheelchair.

    rusty trowel

    Yeah, Astoria in 91 and at Reading 91 and 92. 91 they were ok to good, by 92 it was all over and they were at best average.

    Can think of at least 20 bands i’ve seen who were better live in my opinion.

    forlorn hope

    reading 91 sonic youth were much better.


    saw them live at reading 91, i will get shouted out but i prefer Pearl Jam and Stone Temple pilots!

    but put perfectly…..

    Reading 1992 christ what a line up compared to the cack they serve up now!

    were getting old mate…. 😥


    Kurt Cobain’s dead? Nevermind.

    Premier Icon trout

    Fit the carpets to their european tour bus but they never got to use it.
    Still got paid though.


    Again saw them play at Reading, I had tickets for a gig here in the UK, had a letter from his PR saying how he was looking forward to coming to the UK to play and not believe what was being printed in the press, then he cancelled due to being no more.


    Give’em 10 years – they’ll have a reunion tour 😀



    Like baa I saw them when they first came over with Tad and Mudhoney. I saw them at the School of Oriental and African Studies, and I can remember me and my mate looking at each other in disbelief at the end of the gig – we knew it had been something special, and so did everyone else who was there that night. It’s not just one of those great-after-the-event things; Nirvana live blew you away in those early days, and if I could capture the feeling and express it in words, I’d be rich.

    I couldn’t bring myself to go see them for the later gigs/ festivals – it all seemed to be going wrong and I didn’t want to see it. The Unplugged album can still bring a tear to my eye.

    Whatever you want to say about ‘junkies’, I still find it terribly sad that Kurt Cobain didn’t find a way through.

    I keep the orginal tour shirt in my drawer as a memento of the times and of my youth.

    RIP KC.


    Also saw them on the Mudhoney/Tad tour – summer soltice gig at Edwards no. 8 in Brum I think.

    They were shite, completely blown away by Mudhoney, and to a lesser extent the fat man.

    They were also shite the first time at Reading.

    Roter Stern

    saw em just after Teen Spirit/Nevermind came out at the Hummingbird in Birmingham. It was packed to the rafters and very, very good.

    I saw them at that gig but had the feeling they were just going through the motions on that particular evening.

    Premier Icon ChrisHeath

    I saw them at the Mayfair in Newcastle, um probably 92. Didn’t have tickets, but the Mayfair always used to keep a couple of hundred tickets back to sell on the door on the night. Bumped into someone we knew in the huge queue, started chatting, and before we knew it we were in.

    It was rammed. Despite being a big fan at the time, I thought they were average.


    Astoria ’91 & Reading ’92.

    Reading was superb that year <goes misty eyed>.

    It was so muddy! Public Enemy were great there too.


    So – anyone going to see Mudhoney this year? They’re playing in a social club in Leeds of all places!!! Always a good gig, seen them 5 or 6 times but managed to miss Nirvana altogether unluckily for me.

    Premier Icon votchy

    Reading ’91 and ’92 for me, still have my tickets to see them at Manchester GMEX


    I had tickets to see them – but they never made it.


    An acoustic set in the Southern bar, Embra circia 91. They were ok, not that great. I also preferred various other bands from the whole grunge thing at the time. Kurt is not the dead heroin addict singer I miss.


    Mate was on the entertainment committee at Glasgow Uni QMU must have been about October 1991 me and a few mates were through for the weekend drinking cheap nasty lager in his flat, conversation went something like this:
    mate “some american band on at the QM tonight we could get in for nowt”
    us “who is it?”
    mate ” nirvana”
    us ” sound shit, bet they sound like def leppard, let stay here and drink haddows dutch lager til one of us dies”



    saw mark radcliffe talking at the hay festival yesterday and he reckoned watching nirvana from the side of the stage at reading was very nearly his best gig ever, outshone only by a certain mr bowie…

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