O.T.- milan and bergamo !!

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  • O.T.- milan and bergamo !!
  • anyone been any advice , etc ,etc

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    Bergamo is lovely. Very pretty and not very touristy at the same time.

    Milan was a bit of a disappointment, but walking up on the roof of the cathedral was a real highlight.

    any tips for me chapaking


    Yup – Bergamo lovely. Well worth spending a day just wandering around. There’s a great wee cafe right at the top of the funicular which takes you to Citta Alta with great views over the city and the Lombardy plains beyond.

    Milan is a big, busy city with lots of traffic and bustle. Worth visiting to see the cathedral and Mussolini’s railway station. You could also hunt down the roundabout which now marks the spot where Il Duce was strung up by his heels.

    Milan gets VERY hot and humid in the height of summer.

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    As above, Bergamo is lovely. I went once with work and thought it was fantastic so went back with my wife. We stayed here: http://www.lavallettabergamo.it/ and would recommend it.

    Also went to a fabulous restaurant but can’t find a link at the moment – I’ll have a look and post later.

    There isn’t a massive amount to do. The new town at the bottom isn’t great but the old town is gorgeous and we spent most of our time wandering round a place which so far seems to be unspoilt by tourism. Over the weekend there were loads of Italian families bodding about – the place just has a very nice feeling about it, if you know what I mean?

    Take the top funnicular to a ruined castle which has some great views.

    top tips,,keep it coming ….want to go the san siro and duomo so will have to venture to milan for the day …
    what kind of prices for hotels did you pay ? meals etc ?


    Milan is unbearably hot in summer. And full of gypsies. Make sure you have you’re Italian phrase book handy as barely anything is english (funny that) and very few people speak it.

    I only spent two days in Milan but came away very unimpressed, real heavy industrial town. Bergamo, didnt strike me as much different. Perhaps I didnt spend long enough there to settle, or maybe the sweltering heat made me extremely irritable. Either way I didnt enjoy it much. Outside the major towns though…different story. The little satelite towns are very nice, you can relax, it doesnt seem so hot, not so many gypsies, people are friendly and not stuck up their own holes….

    Hire a little car and get out into the countryside. Avoid the autostrada if possible. It’s totally mental.

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    I can’t remember how much we paid for the hotel, maybe £60 a night at the time (about 3 years ago). The couple who owned it were lovely and the breakfast was pretty good from memory, the nicest panettone i’ve eaten!

    As for restaurant prices you can more or less spend as much or as little as you like. One night we went to this place http://www.colleonidellangelo.com/ (try the local ravioli, it’s gorgeous) which was quite expensive but worth it – another night we just went for pizza which was very reasonable but still superb, can’t remember the name of the place but it was really cosy and tucked away.

    As for Milan itself – it pissed it down all day when we went, and we sat in the San Siro watching the match drenched and freezing! I’m glad we went into Milan (about an hour on the train) but i’m sure it would have been better if it had been dry. The train station in Milan is very impressive too – but for me Bergamo itself was the highlight.

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    Milan is great! The Duomo roof is a must as is the Last Supper in Santa Maria della Grazie and serious shopping in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

    For a day trip head to Como for a trip on the lake.

    Enjoy, its wonderful.

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    Not many tips I can remember, sorry.

    If you need somewhere to stay in Milan, the Tryp hotel was very good – and reasonably priced when I was there about 4 years ago.

    I did Milan in the summer 08. The Duomo is a must, you can see why it took 500 years to build. Do Not eat at a cafe/resturant within site of it, it cost me 190 euros for 5 salads and 5 cokes.
    No ones mentioned Milan Castle, it’s about 10 minutes walk from the Duomo and has the park at the back of it. At the far end of the park is an Aquarium.

    Don’t forget to sample the icecream, lots and lots of icecream.

    The lakes are about an hour away, but well worth a visit.

    We’re going back this summer, can’t wait.

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