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  • DickBarton

    Is it external email? If so, can you use IMAP? That will synch the folders and each one will receive the emails…

    If it's internal, not entirely sure…save the .PST file on the server so thay all have access to it (might need to set it for multiple access) and try from there…


    Home setup, 3 PC's, no Exchange. Don't wish to manually replicate/synch the PST files – need an automatic 'solution' but cheap 🙂


    pst files don't really work that well over a network, i found this out when our network ground to a halt when i stuck pst archive files on a network share.
    Im not sure what will happen if 3 users try and access the same pst file at the same time.

    You could connect all three machines to a single Google Mail account and then using IMAP to sync all the files up, job done…. (You could even just use the Gmail webmail interface and bypass Outlook altogether)


    only 1 user can access a PST at a time there pretty cr@p. I would recomend as Pushbikerider did just synch 1 Gmail account. Simples.

    Premier Icon stumpyjon

    The way I've got around this is use an archive PST file on my server (desktop PC). I've then set all the laptops up so that they move all the emails automatically to the 'inbox' folder in the archive file. Works OK.

    Downside is only one person can have the archive file open at the same time. If the server is off, Outlook can't find the archive and the move rule crashes and switched itself off.


    As it says, 3 PC's all need Outlook PST files synching. Preferably automatically and without intervention. What do people use please?

    Lots of utilities that will do it. I've never used any as I generally work in environments where pop boxes aren't used but i've seen loads of articles saying it can be done.


    You could also try a hosted exchange mailbox if it is for business use, or you're willing to pay the monthly charge.


    Thanks chaps. This is for a home set up where I flit between 3 machines. I don't need to access the PST simultaneously, I just need it to synch periodically so each machine has contemporary data. It's for use with an existing email account that's in wide use so I don't really want to go the web/hosted/gmail route.


    For all mails from now simply set Outlook on each machine to pick up mail from the existing account so everything will be replicated on each machine. As long as you configure Outlook to not delete inbox messages on the server this will work fine. Also set up identical archiving on each machine

    For mails in the existing PST files, simply copy the PST files to each machine then move the mails to your existing PST.

    This will duplicate everything so not actually synced, but easy, quick and free

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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