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  • OT . Forwarding mail to Germany, £400 ffs !
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    set up a po pox at mailboxes etc, get them to forward contents once a month. Or forward to a friend and get them to forward on again.

    b r

    Do it for 3 months and make sure you update all your addresses, or pay up.


    Get your mail sent to a friend or family member and get them to put your post in a parcel and send it to you every week..

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    or just don’t care about it. what do you think you will miss, I get virtually nothing but junkmail anyway, and never get anything important that I am not expecting.

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    Well the Royal mail want £200 per name to redirect our mail to our new address in Germany… or £50 to redirect it to a UK address…

    What happens if you write the German address on it and bung it in the mail again ? Does teh reciepient have to pay on delivery…

    Help me save a bit of cash people !


    Judging by the amount of mail that arrives at our place, instead of where it’s actually addressed to, including stuff with official re-direct labels on, and continues to return, over and over again, when it’s passed back to the Post Office, (seven times is the record so far), then I’d just print up a shit-load of sticky backed labels with your new address on, and leave them with whoever has your old address, then hope that the Post Office around your way is more on the ball than ours is. 😕

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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