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  • Premier Icon plumslikerocks

    We currently have the ubiquitous Valour Homeflame Super in our living room, which is just mounted into an existing chimney. I want to update it with a more modern gas fire.

    It’s a 1930s house, with a fairly chunky external chimney stack running up the outside wall. There is a blanked off fireplace in the bedroom above, too.

    I’ve been told by a non-expert that modern regs will force us to get the chimney lined when we fit a new gas fire. Have looked online and can’t find the definitive answer to this. Some references to flu diameter and temperature but nothing definitive.

    Anyone in the trade or done similar?

    Premier Icon pedropete

    I’m not sure that there is a mandatory requirement to re-line the flue, however, how do you prove that the existing flue is adequate for it’s proposed use? I don’t see many gas fitters prepared to take the risk with an existing flue & will (mostly) always insist on relining the flue to ensure it’s fit for purpose. A**se covering to a certain extent but would you take the risk? CO is a silent invisible killer. (Takes off hi-vis & leaves room)….

    Premier Icon plumslikerocks

    Cheers Pedro – interesting bit of background.


    Standard gas flue copex isn’t expensive. Not worth the risk of not doing it IMHO.

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    the issue is a simple one. i have to confirm that i have inspected visibly the whole of the flue.. obviously this is impossible with a chimney as described so to comply i d have to fit a flue liner.. however i m also supposed to be able to do the same when i service your existing fire when i m faced with exactly the same dilemma but i dont ask then to fit a new liner?

    so i have to take a balanced view if a visul inspection of the flue is possible eg strong torch and i can see 10 feet up the chimney and all is well, secure, no soot, no big snots, clear of obstructions and it takes a smoke bomb with gusto then your ok if not your having a liner.

    what your asking the gas man for is a proffesional opinion just like you get from your doc or solicitor based upon thier qualifications and experience

    however based on that experience id have to say that roughly only 20% of flues/chimneys do not require any work at all. the one we re doing monday is ”spot on no work required” it needs 12 bricks mortaring in the builders opening and lining with mortar and a new gas supply.. and dont even ask about the newly DIY installed wood burning stove that im taking out on the 6th jan ( no hearth…. )

    Premier Icon plumslikerocks

    Cheers Wrighty and Total.

    Next question…..do I go to gas showroom and get the whole installation package from them, or do I mail order the fire and find a Gas Safe fitter in yellow pages? Keighley area, if anyone local wants the job?!

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