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  • eskay

    No idea how much these are worth, they are gathering dust so thought someone may be able to make use of them.

    Looking for £20 posted, if that is way off of the mark then make me an offer.

    The smaller Minolta lens has been knocked at some point and the filter threaded part is bent (the lens is fine apart from that).

    Two lenses plus some macro tubes are included.

    They are traditional SLR bayonet lenses. They used to fit a Minolta SRT100X.

    Email in profile, let me know if you need anymore info.


    No-ones going to buy them to use on an old film camera – that’s for sure. But they might be of some interest to someone who can fit them on a digital body, and run everything manual (I think that particular bayonet mount is used by Sony). They might well give quite sharp results and be worth keeping for optical quality alone.

    My suggestion, register on DPReview.com and post something on the Konica/Minolta forum. There’s also a sales section to the forum. You might just make a genuine hobbiest happy – better than you getting 99p on eBay !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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