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  • Bungled orders
  • retro83

    A wazzock in my office meant to order a single ergonomic palm rest for her keyboard, in fact ordered one palette of them. Delivery driver had to use a forklift to bring them in.

    perchypanther – Member

    The wheelchair was life size

    Amazing. 😆


    “It was only when I almost tripped over the 3 metre metal poles which were delivered with the sign that I realised that he had ordered the sign to be 1500mm x1500mm instead of 150mm x 150mm.
    The wheelchair was life size “

    LOL! Post of the week for me. 🙂

    The wheelchair was life size

    I only wish I still had the pictures.
    As punishment for his stupidity we made him pose in a chair in front of the sign, as though sat in the wheelchair.
    He actually ordered two signs at the same time. The other one had a four foot ear on it.

    I was looking for a Multi HDMI splitter to have 4 way split screen on one monitor from 4 goPros.

    Every company sold them for thousands, I looked on Amazon and they had one reduced from 2 1/2 grand to 250 quid. snapped that one right up! As soon as I ordered it, the price on the website went back up. weird!


    Tesco have form for dodgy subsitutions. Once ordered some condoms along witht he rest of the groceries and got delivered a bag of potatoes as substitute. The delivery driver was somewhat perplexed when we pointed this out, after rolling around wiht laughter.

    Many years ago also received a tv/vcr combo, totally unsolicited and unordered, and with no paperwork. Held on to it for 6 months before keeping it.

    Also once received a duplicate electronic effect rack for the guitar. The shop took ages to deliver the one I had paid for, so I popped in when I was in town and collected one. Got home and the delivered one was on the doorstep. The shop then refused to take the extra one back…

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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