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  • cultsdave

    Anyone have any experience of Orbea bikes, in particular the Rallon? I have done a search but no results. I have read good reviews of the new 2014 bike but I am interested to know a bit more about the general quality of Orbea. Do the frames last? Are they well made?
    I have a vague memory of there being something not quite right with BOS forks? Are the awkward to service and unreliable? I realise they are brilliant interms of functionallity.

    Cheers folks

    Premier Icon frogstomp

    Looking forward to trying on of these in the new year.. short chain-stays and, from initial reports, sounds like it should climb well too.. could be a candidate for a good ‘big’ all-rounder?


    Did you see the review on Pinkbike? The Rallon was originally more XC orientated (as Orbea are as a company) and for next year they have really changed it for a more descent orientated bike. Take a look at the Pinkbike review if you have not already…



    Yeah looked at that and being doing research. Its just that I know nothing about the company and what the quality of there bikes are like! But it does look sweet.

    You beat me to it dave, was just searching for any threads/comments about it.

    Premier Icon beej

    Well, Julien Absalon won quite a lot riding for Orbea.


    Orbea are massive over here. I’ve reviewed a few of their bikes on my site and was riding their Occam 29 today. They’re great bikes, really too quality. The new rallon will be ace, the old one was a bit of a muddle if you ask me, the one I tested had a 120mm stem and narrow riser bars and six inch out back. I didn’t like the build but the suspension system worked really well.


    They’re allrite, but nae quite a banshee though….

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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