Orbea Rallon 2014. Anyone got theirs yet?

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  • Orbea Rallon 2014. Anyone got theirs yet?
  • cultsdave

    Has anyone ordered one and got theirs yet?

    I ordered one through a local bike shop but they haven’t been getting back to me recently. UKBYK (http://www.ubyk.co.uk/orbea-rallon-x30-650b-2014/15533) have changed their site to say “in stock” instead of “instock, delivery 3 to 4 weeks”.

    Basically just wondering if anyone had some up to date information. Originally the bikes were due for delivery in February.


    I rodé one last week and a just waiting to see if I can get one. Good choice, really nice. What one did you go for?


    I went for the basic model but I upgraded to the BOS shock and Forks. Also got a good deal on hope hoops on flows with it. I have various new bits sitting awaiting the arrival to. Just wish I knew when it would arrive.

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    They look brilliant, really interested to see how you get on… Was a bit put off by the upgrade pricing though, some real pisstakes in there tbh. Being offered an SLX crankset as a £121 upgrade, for example. Interesting company too…

    I think the upgrade pricing is maybe different in the UK then. When I specced mine how I wanted it the price actually dropped 🙂

    I tested the second up model and loved it. I had a proper day of techy and fast stuff on it, riding with some of the fastest guys around, and pretty much felt comfortable on the bike straight away. I have to sort a few things out to see if I can afford to buy one, if I do it´ll be the BOS one despite the fact that the TALAS 34´s were pretty nice. I´d like to go 1×11 on it too, but that´s only an option in Spain on the very top model which comes with carbon wheels etc.

    I don´t know about delivery. For me it´s usually just a case of driving to the factory, having a coffee with the guys and heading back with a bike!



    Yeah the upgrade prices seem steep. Thats why I just bought the base model and have sourced the other parts I want from elsewhere. Means when I eventually get the bike I will have new bits to take off an sell. Works out much cheaper that way.


    Doug – may be worth giving them a call and checking, my mate works in my lbs and has recently ordered the team (2nd model down the range) and had gone for xtr brakes and 1×11 instead of xtr 2×10.

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